New Favorite Running Program

When I was choosing sports I would pursue, as a child, it was a guessing game. I'd try something out (field hockey camps, lacrosse clinics, pitching clinics for Softball, basketball camps, etc.) and see what happened. Some flopped and others were great. But, it was a guessing game. Running was an option. There was a... Continue Reading →

Garlic Lemon Ricotta Bites

I don't have a name for them. But, they were delicious. I love the combination of spices mixed with fresh ingredients like fruit and honey. Great metabolism booster and DELICIOUS at the same time (probably not the best on the carb scale however, if this is where you're focusing).   Here's the recipe if you're... Continue Reading →

Giveaway #2

I'm loving this contest...I hope you are too! Having said that, it's time to announce giveaway #2... To me there's nothing better than online shopping without a hassle...or curling up with a good book on my Kindle. For that reason, I'm giving away one of my favorite things...a $25 Amazon Gift Card. You know the... Continue Reading →

Thick Crust Gluten Free Pizza

So, from the start of my gluten free existence, I've been searching for a recipe for gluten free pizza crust that is A) thick and B) better than cardboard. It has been a MONTHS long endeavor that has had all downs, no ups...until now. Here it is, folks. Gluten free, thick crust pizza in all... Continue Reading →

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