Running for Rachel: Who’s Ready for a 5k?!

Alright, it's been announced, has opened for registration and I am excited...the third annual Running for Rachel will be held on City Island in Harrisburg on Sunday, April 27...You game? You've heard my story, but, in case you haven't, Rachel played a role in it that she'll never know. We went to elementary, Jr. high... Continue Reading →


Why ZOOMA’s Opportunity Matters to Me

For those of you who have been following me online for the past month or so, or have seen me in person during that time, you know I've been entered in ZOOMA's Run to Napa contest for a chance for myself and a reader to win a trip to ZOOMA's Women's Half Marathon in Napa,... Continue Reading →

RunKeeper: New Favorite App

I broke down and got an iPhone. To put it literally though, my old phone broke down, and the iPhone seemed most practical. I'm on the go, need to be connected and am a runner...I heard that the iPhone was top notch in this I went for it. While I'm not a huge fan... Continue Reading →

San Diego Style Chicken Tacos

As many of you know, we took the boys to San Diego last month. It was amazing...from incredible beach views and runs to seeing the west coast for the first time, we built memories to last a lifetime. We also got a taste of deliciously fresh food to break up the winter routine back home.... Continue Reading →

Egg Drop Soup

New tradition in our home? Meatless Mondays. Hoping to increase this to 3 days a week by the end of February...we will see! First up? Egg Drop style! Enjoy!   Egg Drop Soup - Restaurant Style Ingredients: 4 cups low sodium vegetable broth *because of the meatless Mondays theme, we used veg. broth...chicken broth... Continue Reading →

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