A New Approach to February

We all know how it goes. The resolutions that come with January seem to fade as the month passes...then we're left with February...which isn't even a whole month...so why gear up for that right? The dead of winter comes and it's easier to slack off with some hot chocolate than to brave the cold. I... Continue Reading →

Biggest Loser: A Response

I have mixed feelings about the Biggest Loser, as I'm sure many individuals who have gone on their own weight loss journey, are involved in the fitness profession or have a love of anything athletic do. I love the trainers; I think the way they help contestants find what's really going on while pushing them... Continue Reading →

Turkey Meatballs (Gluten Free)

I love meatloaf; let me clarify, I love my Nana's recipe for meatloaf. It's sweet, savory and perfect. But, I try to cut down on the red meat when possible. So, last night I took that recipe, modified it to meatballs and used turkey. End result? Wonderful! Give it a try! Turkey Meatballs Ingredients: 2... Continue Reading →

Guys, it’s Beautiful Out There!

Alright folks. You've heard me complain about the snow (my heart belongs somewhere south 🙂 ). But, today I decided to enjoy it, to appreciate it and to get out there. My conclusion? It's gorgeous out there...take the time to enjoy it before round two hits tonight! My run was pretty straightforward, 6 miles give... Continue Reading →


There's not a lot left to say other than that at this point. Except to maybe throw in one of these: Today one of the worst possible things for a blogger happened...my server went down. During a restore (which I do not totally understand), I lost all posts since January 6. That's a lot; a... Continue Reading →

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