Baked Avocado Fries

I love avocados, full of healthy fats, they're a great addition to any meal. But, my husband? Not so much. The creamy texture weirds him out, but, he likes the taste. So, last night I set out to find a way to combine the healthiness of the avocado with some crisp (no breadcrumbs needed!). End... Continue Reading →

A Change of Plans

It's funny. I know that as far as life goes, we have very little say in the way things work out. We decide our own path and choose our own journey, but outcomes are very rarely in our control. This is why fitness appeals to me so much. We choose our own fitness journeys and... Continue Reading →

8 Ways to Improve Your Race Pace

Whether you're a long time runner, or someone just getting started your race pace likely matters to you. While crossing the finish line or making an attempt isĀ just as important, once you've been at it awhile, or once you're sure you can meet those basic goals, the time that you'll finish in probably ranks up... Continue Reading →

Facing Demons: Running to Overcome

We all have something to overcome, something that scares us, something that pushes us to succeed. Maybe that's all one thing, maybe they're all separate - whatever it is, we are created to have a achieve. It's part of what makes us human.For me, that drive often stems from fear. That's right; I'm a... Continue Reading →

What Fuels Your Morning?

Mornings are essential to making it through the day. By eating the right foods at the start, you're body is primed for action; your metabolism speeds up and your body is ready to consume foods of a similar nutrition level throughout the rest of the day. Start off hungry or on the wrong foot and... Continue Reading →

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