Arm Warmers! Fun Trend!

If you're like me, you're pretty picky about your running apparel. You've seen it in my reviews, and you've probably seen my running gear is pretty specific; if something doesn't fit my routine, I'm pretty unlikely to try it out. This is problematic in winter and this unusually cool spring weather. Why? You might... Continue Reading →

De-Stress the Race Packing Process

Here's the thing. When you travel for races, which I enjoy doing, one of the most stressful aspects of the process is packing properly. Even though I've never gone somewhere that essentials would be impossible to pick up or find on the road, there's a certain comfort to using things you've broken in. As a... Continue Reading →

Grilled Avocados

Call it an avocado kick. But, lately I've been pretty obsessed with them (but you already know this). Packed full of nutrients and healthy fats, they're a staple of many healthy diets. So, I decided to try something new again. It's been gorgeous outside here. After a crazy long, cold winter, we've been putting the... Continue Reading →

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