Call for Participants: Posh Focus Group!


As many of you know, I’ve recently started up a business as a Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant.

I got into it for me. I love the products, I enjoy bath and body products and I love finding new ways to connect with others! I’ve also discovered a real connection between a few of the products and the running/fitness community that I’m also a part of.

In the next few months, I’ll be at several expos and trade shows, many targeting female athletes…as such…I need a little help! I’m looking to put together a focus group of women willing to try products and provide honest reviews on my Facebook page ( ). If they blog and are willing to share on their sites, that’s AMAZING, but, only if they love the products!

Up for the challenge? Want a few free samples that could boost your workout regimen? Please message me, comment or reach out to me somehow! (You can see a sneak peak of the products here.) Can’t wait to hear your opinions! ❤


10 Steps for Lacing Up the Running Shoes After Babies

Here goes. I’ve shared that I’m getting back into the groove. 3.5 months post twins I’m ready to get moving again. I’ve committed and I’ve followed through. But, boy. It’s a process that I wasn’t bargaining for! Let me share a few things I’ve learned if you’re ready to get back out on the pavement!

running shoes

(note: these are my running shoes. I’ve missed them. But right now we sure have a love-hate relationship! 🙂 )

Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to stay in shape through pregnancy. In this case, you’ll likely bounce back much faster. But, if you’re like me…you might need a little extra time, a little extra push and a little extra love.

Ready to go? Check out these tips to get started!

1. Do it For the Right Reasons

Before any fitness endeavor…it’s important to ask why. Why are you trying to get moving again? Where’s your heart? Is it because you feel like you have to? Is it because you feel outside pressure? Is it because you’re not happy somewhere on the inside? If your answer is yes to these questions, you’re not ready to get started. Figure out your heart an where you stand BEFORE you start a love-hate relationship with a new running routine!

2. Be Patient

Remember…fitness is a journey. You’ve spent 9 months CREATING LIFE. 9 months coming down from your fitness peak. This means that getting back into it isn’t going to happen overnight.

Like anything in life…you can’t do something and work up to a certain level in something, walk away for 9 months (plus recovery time), then jump right back into where you were. Patience fellow mamas, Patience!

3. Love the Past…Don’t Live in it!

You know what? I’m proud of my PRs. My husband and I keep our medals on the wall. We love the memories we’ve made traveling to races, we love celebrating each others’ accomplishments. We have pride in what we’ve been able to do, pride in the times that our hard work paid off.

But right now? Life is taking over! We have four beautiful little ones to love on. We’ve moved across the country from our families so we have little help. John’s fully emerged in his job and church activities. I am running my own business and just started another. The kids have activities….this is LIFE and it’s amazing.

Do we still have past goals to look back on? Yes. Is it hard to look at current times and to realize that I may never get back to my peak? Yes. But, that’s what a peak is…a huge accomplishment to be proud of forever, but to come down from at some point!

Does this mean that I’ve given up on myself or my goals? Absolutely not. But, it means that I needed to shift my perspective, to be proud of where I am now and to be patient with myself! Remember the past…live in the now…focus on the future!

4. Set a New Goal

Speaking of the future, it’s an exciting prospect…right? Why not jump in by setting a new…REASONABLE…goal?

Want to do a race with friends or pushing the stroller? Want to train for a mud run? A triathalon? Make finishing your goals and completing your training plan. Start thinking of goals that pertain less to times and placing, and more on fun.

5. Start Small…and I Mean SMALL

The minute I got the okay from my doctors to start a new workout routine (which consisted of walking. Very slow walking), I couldn’t wait to jump in. “2 miles,” I thought… “2 miles.” I look back at myself and laugh at that day.

You see, 2 miles in the past was a warmup…a joke. Of course I could walk 2 miles. Boy, I was wrong. After .3 miles I was done. DONE. I was down on myself. It was bad.

But then, I got the okay to “jog.” Great! I set my treadmill to 6.5 miles per hour…you know, my previous casual pace. HAH! I didn’t make it .1 miles. Seriously…not even a tenth of a mile. I was stressed an depressed about the situation.

My big issue? I forgot that fitness is a process. I forgot to start small. I forgot to celebrate small victories. I set myself up for failure.

I had to step back. Talk myself down and start over. You know where I am today? I’m running 10-12 minute miles. Coming from a competitive running past, this was hard at first. guys…I got to 5 miles last week. 5. I started small and I started building. I. Couldn’t. Be. Prouder. Seriously. New goals, new perspective, new pride. The key? Starting small.

6. Put a Lid on the Guilt

I hear this…A LOT. “I want to workout, but my babies are only small for so long. I don’t want to miss it.” I get it. I’m right there in the mire with guilt with you. I promise.

But, I have also learned to step back. Do my babies need me? Absolutely! And that’s a huge gift!

At the same time, I’m the best mom I can be when I’m happy with myself and when I’m at a reasonable level of health. This starts with putting a focus on fitness. This doesn’t mean spending 3 hours every day at the gym. When I can walk for 30 minutes, or get a quick Tabata session in, sometimes that’s gotta be enough.

Sometimes letting yourself rest IS best…but do it because it’s the right thing, not because you’re too guilty to step back for an hour or so.

7. Push Yourself (within reason)

I’ve talked a lot about being easy on yourself. You’ve accomplished a lot in the past year! But, that doesn’t mean you have a permanent excuse to slack (balance people…balance!).

If you want to grow in your level of fitness, you’ve got to push it. You’ve got to grow. This means that you have to push yourself!

If you find yourself making an excuse after every workout, or a lack of progress, evaluate whether you’re pushing yourself hard enough. If not, try to step it up (again…within reason and SLOWLY).

8. Set a Schedule

We’re always busy. Always. As a mom, especially a new mom, there’s always someone that needs you…and that’s okay. But, it’s also a great way to miss a workout…then to miss 3 workouts…then to go a month without putting in a single mile. See how it builds?

Combat this natural tendency by setting a schedule. Let your husband or whoever helps you at home know that during this time, you’ll be out running or doing a workout. Over time, it will become a routine that comes naturally.

9. Find a Buddy

Just like any other time, if you’ve set a fitness goal, it’s easiest to accomplish it with some support.

Look for another new mom or running newbie and partner up. It’s a lot harder to push snooze when you know someone else is counting on you!

Talk about your goals and push each other to achieve them!

10. Don’t Give Up

Like anything in life, you’ll have set backs. You’ll have days when you wonder if this is what you really want.

Take it easy on yourself. Love yourself. Push through. The only true disservice you can do in this process is to quit…or to never get started in the first place.

What are ya waiting for? Get out there. Put on your running shoes…and go!

Pampering for #FitMoms

As you know, this blog started to document my journey to fitness. Over time, it has evolved! Why? Because that’s how life happens.

Over the past few years, my family has grown, injuries have happened, big moves have taken place and my business has gone in a few directions. These are mostly good, even GREAT things! But, it’s made my blog a journey of this and that, here and there and everything in between.

One thing that’s recently changed is my decision to become a Perfectly Posh independent consultant! Again, I see this as a great thing…I’m a bath product addict, and this line of natural goodies is right up my alley. Today I’m going to combine my love of all body products with a piece designed with fit moms in mind! Most of these products will be from Perfectly Posh (available at )but remember, I’m endorsing them because I love them and I’ve seen results…not as a gimmick!

Want to amp up your beauty and relaxation routine ALONG with your fitness program? I’ve got you covered 🙂 Keep reading!

Protecting Your Lips

You know the drill. You have a tough outdoor workout…between sun exposure and cold, your sensitive lips take a beating. Chapped lips are painful and irritating. The worst part is that the chapsticks that claim to work, might do so for a little, then you’re left right back where you started….break out of this routine by trying something new!

Bahama Berry Lip Scrub

The Bahama Berry Iced Strawberry and Orange lip scrub is your first step toward healed lips. The scrub contains shea butter and works to rid your lips of unhealthy layers, leaving them smooth, soft and better ready to take on the elements.

Bahama Berry Lip Balm

Follow the scub up with the Bahama Berry Caffeinated lip balm to add a layer of moisture to provide even more protection and soothing to tired lips.

Taking care of your lips means you’re one step closer to a healthy outdoor work out routine!

Rehabbing After a Tough Workout

I know I’ve been there. You’ve put in the effort. You’re ready to crash. But, the kids still need you and don’t care that your muscles are sore! No worries…you can fix that!

Hot Pepper Sha-Bang

The Hot Pepper Sha-Bang muscle stick and butter work to rehab and relieve tired muscles. With the healing qualities of hot pepper, combined with the scent of berries, peaches, roses and geraniums, this is a treat to follow up any workout!

Muscle THrough Magnesium Soak

Who doesn’t love a good soak? Muscle Through magnesium soak combines the healing, anti-swelling qualities of magnesium with high quality salts to provide total relief.

A little soak combined with the penetrating power of hot pepper might be exactly what you need to soothe your muscles from today’s workout while preparing for tomorrow’s!

Soothing Sore Feet

Calling all runners. We all know what tired feet feel like. After long runs, you probably feel like your feet just need to breathe…I know…I’ve been there. Want to try something other than the tried-and-true ice soak? Start here!

Rubby Scrubby

The Rubby Scrubby exfoliating foot soap stick is designed with tired feet in mind. It combines exfoliating natural beads and refreshing peppermint essential oil to pamper tired feet. Perfect!

Cool Your Sole

The Cool Your Sole cooling foot balm removes dry scaly feet while providing a hard to find elsewhere cooling effect. Apply regularly under socks overnight for best results!


Getting Sleep the Night Before a Race

If you’re like me, you understand the night-before-the-big-race jitters. You’ve prepared and you’re ready to go…but when you go to lay down, sleep is impossible to find. Then on race-day, you’re left wondering if the two hours of sleep you got the night before were even worth it. There’s relief in sight!

Sleepy Sleep with Logo

The Sleepy Sleep skin stick is filled with shea butter and lavender essential oil and is specially designed to help you unwind and sleep…use on your forehead or wrists to forget about the stress and get some sleep, knowing you’re ready for race day!

Cleansing Your Face

Workouts take a toll on your face. From excess sweat to the stress that conditioning naturally places on your body, your face can be an innocent victim! Why not pamper it a bit?

cackle spackle

The Cackle Spackle Thrilling Face Mask uses spearmint, charcoal and volcanic ash to purify your pores, pulling toxins away for good! Check out my video review here. I’ve seen serious results and a major reduction in breakouts and I thank this mask for that! Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Detoxing Your Body

The Dark

The Love the Dark body scrub combines charcoal, sea salt and honey to purify your body while pulling toxins away like only charcoal can. The fresh sea-breeze scent just adds to the appeal. This brand new product is designed with #fitmoms in mind!


The Detox Body Mud Stripper is designed as a detox for your skin. Lather it on, feel the tingling effects and feel the destructive toxins leaving your skin. Use on armpits and feet to remove long-lasting bad scents that workouts tend to leave behind. You won’t be sorry!

When you protect your skin, relax your muscles and take care of your body as a whole, you’re more likely to find your true potential as an athlete, and a #fitmom. When you’re happy and healthy, you’re better able to serve your family as well. This is a win-win situation!

Ready to take your regimen to the next level? Consider the products listed above, or contact me today! I’d love to answer any questions and to help you find what works best for you!



My New (Ad)Venture!

Here goes.

I’m not one to turn down something new. Over the last year my life has been full of these things! From a new move and home, to two new family members to a host of other changes, I’ve learned to thrive on “new.”

Additionally, I’m a bit of a bath product snob. There’s not much I like more than a long bath with great products. I’m loyal to my favorites, but love trying out new things. From bath bombs and body scrubs to face masks and lotions, I can’t get enough.  But, I’m also very aware of where many of these products come from, and the long term damage they can do to our skin and overall health!

These two facts combined made me very excited when a friend introduced me to Perfectly Posh, a naturally-based pampering bath and body product line, filled with the products I love with ingredients I can pronounce! Free of unhealthy by-products and filled with essential oils, sea salts, honey, and other ingredients approved my major groups like the Rainforest Alliance, Perfectly Posh offers the best products with the best ingredients.

The best part? None of the products are over $25. Talk about affordability!

I’ve taken the past few months to become familiar with and try various products. The more I try, the more I love.

That’s why, after much thought, I’ve decided to take a leap into a new venture. I’ve become a Perfectly Posh consultant. I want to share these products with my friends, family members and readers! Since the new spring/summer line just launched, it seems like perfect timing!

I’d love for you to take the time to check out the catalog through my site, and to try a few of the products out. If you have questions, I’m here to answer them! Below are the details on a few products to give you an idea of what they have to offer!

My link is: http//

as good as gold perfectly posh dry body oil perfectly posh perfectly posh bees knees The Dark

As always, I appreciate your support in this new little business I’ve launched. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the products!

Have a great day…happy pampering! 🙂


Super Easy Enchilada Salad

Enchilada salad

We’ve all been there. We’re in a rush and we need food fast, so we resort to frozen or fast food dinners that might, if we admit it, be a little less than nourishing.

It doesn’t have to be like that. Quick can be healthy! This enchilada salad proves it. Full of color and important nutrients, it’ll satisfy hunger while maintaining deliciousness. Perfect.

Here goes:


Enchilada Salad:


  • chopped lettuce
  • baby spinach
  • prepared dried black beans OR drained/rinsed canned black beans (heated)
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 yellow pepper
  • 1 sweet OR red onion
  • 1 spiralized zucchini
  • 1 cup frozen corn (heated)
  • grated cheese of your choice
  • Extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil or oil of your choice
  • dressing (if you choose)


  • prepare lettuce and spinach as the base for the salad
  • bring the oil to heat, add peppers and onion and saute until grilled to your taste
  • add the zucchini and saute for an additional 1-2 minutes
  • add sauteed veggies, corn and black beans to lettuce mix
  • sprinkle some cheese on top
  • enjoy

Packed with numerous micro nutrients, this salad will leave you full. If you’d like, add grilled chicken or steak to make everyone in the family happy 🙂




I’m Not Sorry


This week, the twins turn three months old. It’s crazy…time has truly flown by! We are amazed every day at their progress, thankful for their sleeping habit improvements and amazed that these little miracles are ours.

But, during this three months, there’s been something I’ve been debating sharing, unsure of how to put it out there without sounding offensive. But, I think it’s time…so…here goes.

To get there, I have to start with how the twins arrived. It’s something I’ve had to figure out how to come to terms with on my own, something I treasure, and something I’m asked about on a fairly regular basis.

See, when you have twins, it seems like no questions are off limits. That’s okay, I don’t mind sharing…and I used to be the one with all of these questions!! One of them, is about how they were delivered, and that’s okay!

At 37 weeks and 3 days, I was scheduled for an induction due to Intrauterine Growth Restriction. Basically, the babies ran out of rooms. I was proud as John and I marched (okay…waddled and limped 🙂 ) down the halls of the hospital, excited to have made it to term, and ready to meet the babies!

We had absolutely fantastic nurses and a doctor that was completely supportive of our desire for the most natural birth possible considering twins were in the picture. One of her requests was that we have an epidural, because things can turn really rapidly with twins. We agreed to have it placed as soon as we arrived (because of platelet issues, we could have lost this opportunity if we had waited). (Note: I use “we” a lot…because John was just as much a part of this process and support as I was…this was a team effort in every sense of the word!). But, we wanted to wait to have the meds put through it. Our doctors were completely on board.

The labor was smooth and I was able to stay relaxed through it. Contractions were manageable and I was on cloud nine. When I progressed to 8 centimeters, the doctor asked if we could start putting the drugs in, again, just in case. I agreed . However, we quickly found out they couldn’t push the medicine through the epidural…it was defective. So, it was removed and they placed another one, which didn’t work. At this point, it was time to move to the OR (standard for twin delivery) to push, so a natural birth it would be!

Our baby A, which we quickly found out was a boy, was delivered quickly! It was smooth and amazing, we were in love instantly! Other good news included the fact that our Baby B (which would be a girl!), had flipped from breech (where she’d been the whole pregnancy) to head down. “great!” we thought, she’d be here in no time!!

This is where everything took a turn. Our doctors face became concerned and she put an internal monitor in. See, our Ginny wasn’t moving down and we’d lost her heart beat. Things changed quickly. Our doctor remained calm,  and explained that there was no time to wait, we would lose the baby if she didn’t get in there and remove her fast.

Within 1 minute, everything was ready and the anesthesiologist was apologizing, saying she was trying to push enough drugs to make up for the fact that the epidural wasn’t functioning. Soon, from what I understand, the baby was out and I was hemorrhaging, our natural delivery turned into a medical emergency where both of our lives were at risk. I was put under and John and the babies were sent to recovery.

It would be a few hours before I was sent down to join them and before I would be able to see the babies. Obviously this time flew by for me, but John took care of skin to skin and made sure all was well, taking all of the first pictures and spending time with our new family members!

I don’t remember my first few hours with the babies, I don’t remember our first picture or the first time I held them, but we have precious pictures to document the experiences. They were here, they were healthy and modern medicine and quick thinking and acting doctors saved us all, especially Ginny and I!

This is where the comments generally start, and where I need to share my thoughts. Generally when I’m asked how I delivered, I say one natural, one c-section, no details needed, right? The next thought I hear is almost always “I’m sorry.”

Here’s the thing. I’m not. Was my delivery ideal? Nope. Was it what I envisioned? Nope. Was it ideal to have  a regular delivery and a csection withoutpain relief at the same time? No. Do I still have nightmares and need time to process it? You bet.

But, I’m. Not. Sorry.

I’m not sorry for the way I delivered my babies or the way my daughter entered this world. I don’t feel bad about it or feel regret. I don’t resent the doctors who made the best choices they could to ensure the health of my family.

I don’t understand those that compare their experiences to something horrible. I don’t understand how a wish for a natural birth could trump the desire for a safe one.

This story is something I will share with Ginny when she asks some day, with pride because you know what? It’s her story! It’s how she chose to get here. It’s unique and it’s hers and she’ll be able to understand it because all potential consequences of waiting were avoided. She could have suffered and she did not. She’s healthy and my hope is that she’ll be happy (so far, we are doing pretty well in that department!).

I understand that doctors make decisions we don’t always agree with, and that sometimes there may be other motives at play. But, in our case, there were not. The best decisions were made from the start of the day until the babies arrived.

So, no, let me reiterate…I am not sorry. I am grateful. I’m grateful for modern medicine. I’m grateful for a doctor that let my husband stay in the room to witness our daughter’s birth and to pray over everything that was happening, even in the midst of chaos. I’m grateful that I get to hold my healthy babies each day.

This story brought them to us, it’s a part of our family now and I choose to see it as a happy one. How can I be sorry for that?