Walking with God

Yesterday I went for a walk. It's nothing new. In fact, my neighbors often joke that I probably know everything that's going on at all times because I am always out walking. It gives me a chance to breathe, to get outside, and to just slow down for a few minutes... for someone with anxiety,... Continue Reading →

Soli Deo Gloria: It Changes Everything

Soli Deo Gloria. When I told friends I was getting a tattoo, and that it'd be one of the Solas of the Protestant Reformation, I had lots of questions. Some of my more formally-trained-in-seminary friends made a few jokes about signing my arm with Martin Luther's Sola. Lots of people asked what it meant. And... Continue Reading →

Are We Willing to be Known?

Yesterday y'all. Yesterday was some kind of day. My new book (shameless plug), was sent out into the wild. Everyone around me was melting. The dog went after the neighbors dogs (we're still figuring out how she does around other pups), and folks at work were struggling. I had a good long - over the... Continue Reading →

Bubbles: Stepping Inside

I know, I know: bubbles... huh? Stick with me. This year, I've had lots of time to think. Our own family has experienced great loss, and - most recently - a devastating injury / concerning diagnoses for my father. We've had a lot of unexpected life surprises (some are awesome: a new sister! Some are... Continue Reading →

Control vs. Rest

Summer break is upon us: for some of us it's underway, for some of our kiddos we are in the final hours of throwing together last minute projects, remembering things like field day the day of the actual field day while we throw beach towels and water bottles at our kids as they run out... Continue Reading →

God is Good: All the Time.

I know, I know. If you've grown up in church, you know the deal. "God is Good" is meant to be followed up with "All the Time." We say it a lot, almost habitually. And yet... I think we sometimes forget what that means, what hope it gives, and why it matters (all the time... Continue Reading →

Can We Embrace Weakness?

Child of weakness watch and pray, find in me thine all in all... The other day the beloved song with these lyrics popped up on random shuffle as I was driving in the car. I've heard it a thousand times. But this time it struck me, it hit my heart so hard that I restarted... Continue Reading →

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