Welcome to Take Two.

You’re not here to learn about me, but my story has a lot to do with why I created this blog, my passion for sharing what I do.

Like most people, I’ve found this life to be a bit of a roller coaster. Originally, this blog was a place to share fitness, workouts, recipes and more. Soon though, that became an unhealthy obsession.

My family moved across the country, twice. We grew together. We grew from 4 to 7. We were challenged in our faith and – most importantly – grew closer to God.

In this blog, I share what’s on my heart. Some has to do with family, with personal struggles and growth, with what I’m learning, with what’s happening in our world and more. I hope it feels authentic to you. I hope it sparks questions and conversations. I hope it presents an alternative to some misinformation that’s out there about Christianity.

While the blog’s focus has changed, it is still about second chances, it’s still about my – and my family’s – take two. Maybe you have your own…if so, I’d love to hear it! Maybe you’re in search of yours…awesome! Let’s do this life together!




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