Welcome to Take Two.

We’re glad you’re here.

This life we’re living: y’all… it’s a journey. Sometimes we are on fire for God and pumping through smoothly. Sometimes though, sometimes we feel like we’re on a roller coaster.

This blog and community? It’s followed that model. What started as a personal place to share turned into something much different: a place for women, especially those who consider themselves to be followers of Jesus Christ, to connect through shared experiences, learning opportunities, and honest, transparent conversation.

This blog is a place to share those stories. To find honesty, to find triumph over struggles, and to just get real.

Whether you need a breath of fresh air, need to realize you’re not alone, or just need to connect differently, you’re in the right place. We can’t wait to hear from you: to learn your story and to grow together.

This is a place for second chances, for second “takes.” What’s your journey? What’s your “here and now?” Where are you growing? Let’s figure it out together.

Dive in, friends. You’re loved, you’re far from alone, and you’re a daughter of a King. Thanks for joining us!



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