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Draw Near features daily scriptures, discussions and even journal prompts and a space to journal inside it, all in a tiny package to make jumping into time with God during the Advent season as simple and natural as possible.

The Bible makes it clear that we are to draw near to our Savior…but, it also promises that he’s waiting with arms wide open to draw near to us. This devotional will help you open your ears and heart to what God might be trying to tell you through his own words, during the Advent season and beyond.

Order your copy of Draw Near: An Advent Devotional, by clicking on the cover above, today!

It’s here! #Blessed: Intentional Gratitude in a World that Celebrates Self Everything.


A quick social media browse makes it clear: we are surrounded by humblebrags disguised as #blessed’s… messages that scream “self” everything.When surrounded by photos, smiles, and lavish examples of what we’re told we should chase and aspire to at all costs, it’s easy to find ourselves wanting; it’s easy to dwell on the imperfections.It’s time to change all of it. It’s time to be intentional about heart-deep, life-changing gratitude. #Blessed: Intentional Gratitude in a World that Celebrates Self Everything encourages readers to take it all back, to live lives where gratitude comes first, to be different.Let’s aspire to live the lives we’re made for. Let’s break the cycle. Let’s celebrate blessings like we’ve never done it before. Let’s start today.

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