Mission: Gratitude

What a ride 2017 has been. Thanks for your patience as I get myself together and get this blog that has seen various shapes and formats over time back on track! Today, I had the chance to spend the day at Hersheypark with good friends of ours - guys, I'm talking do life together even... Continue Reading →

Relying on Mountaintops

I wrote this piece awhile back, while we were in NC for a publication. Plans changed a bit, so I thought I'd still share here!   Where does your faith come from? How do you feel close to the Lord? These questions rocked my world, brought me to my knees and changed my life for... Continue Reading →

Ready to Settle

For those of you who have been following along with our adventure...whether it's been for the past few months, or the past few years...THANK YOU. Your support has meant the world! We have some excited changes coming! We are excited to announce that our house has gone under contract. We received an offer on Thanksgiving... Continue Reading →

A Time for Tenderness

I have to admit. I went to bed early last night. The tension was too high, no one knew what exactly was going on and the pressure from both sides felt immense. I'd never felt so much division in my life, or seen so many people struggle wholeheartedly in how to vote during an election... Continue Reading →

We’re Coming Home

We're coming home. We're also leaving home. When we moved to Asheville, we had no idea what was in store. We knew we likely wouldn't be here forever, that it was a part of our journey, probably not the destination...but something happened that we never expected...Asheville became home. Coming to this beautiful place, surrounded by... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow my Baby Enters the World

Just thinking about it all brings tears to my eyes and a million feelings I didn't expect! But, as the title implies, tomorrow my baby enters this big world on his own two feet...tomorrow, my boy starts kindergarten. Saying those words makes me think back. I think back to the months we waited for his... Continue Reading →

Stepping on Eggshells

I don't know where to start....except to say that, like most Americans, today, I woke with a heavy heart. Before going on, I want to be clear...this is not a result of last night's shooting in Dallas, or the live-streamed shooting that went public preceeding it. That was not my tipping point. Although it did... Continue Reading →

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