Venturing into the Unknown: When the Answer is “Wait”

I haven't shared a lot about what's been going on for our family in the past few months...mostly because I wasn't sure where to start, at least not with much clarity or direction. The lack of direction has not necessarily improved, but, perhaps, the clarity has. Back in January, John found out some major changes... Continue Reading →


Unashamed Love: A View Shift

By the standards of this world, and to be honest, our own expectations, 2018 hasn't been off to what would generally be a "great" start in the Pyne household. I don't need to go into details; this isn't that kind of post. But, suffice it to say there have been more questions than answers, more... Continue Reading →

Love Erases Lines

My thoughts are scattered this morning; I think a lot of people can relate to this. I share this not for sympathy, but to ask you to bear with me as I try to share what I believe I need to share. It might not be succinct, it might not flow just the way I'd... Continue Reading →

Stepping on Eggshells

I don't know where to start....except to say that, like most Americans, today, I woke with a heavy heart. Before going on, I want to be clear...this is not a result of last night's shooting in Dallas, or the live-streamed shooting that went public preceeding it. That was not my tipping point. Although it did... Continue Reading →

Sometimes the World Spins

Remember all of that positivity I'd stored up and shared, about how it was so exciting to be a part of something new, something start over? Before I address it, I want to start by saying that all of that still holds true. I'm thankful for the opportunities our family has been given. I'm... Continue Reading →

Way Beyond Me

I'm back!! As many of you have taken notice to (thank you for the messages!), I've been a bit...absent...for the past month. That's because - for those who follow me on Facebook - I had some news that was taking up a whole lot of my thoughts and time that would otherwise be devoted to... Continue Reading →

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