Bubbles: Stepping Inside

I know, I know: bubbles... huh? Stick with me. This year, I've had lots of time to think. Our own family has experienced great loss, and - most recently - a devastating injury / concerning diagnoses for my father. We've had a lot of unexpected life surprises (some are awesome: a new sister! Some are... Continue Reading →

Control vs. Rest

Summer break is upon us: for some of us it's underway, for some of our kiddos we are in the final hours of throwing together last minute projects, remembering things like field day the day of the actual field day while we throw beach towels and water bottles at our kids as they run out... Continue Reading →

God is Good: All the Time.

I know, I know. If you've grown up in church, you know the deal. "God is Good" is meant to be followed up with "All the Time." We say it a lot, almost habitually. And yet... I think we sometimes forget what that means, what hope it gives, and why it matters (all the time... Continue Reading →

Can We Embrace Weakness?

Child of weakness watch and pray, find in me thine all in all... The other day the beloved song with these lyrics popped up on random shuffle as I was driving in the car. I've heard it a thousand times. But this time it struck me, it hit my heart so hard that I restarted... Continue Reading →

Living On Mission: Relationships Matter

A few weeks ago, my phone rang. A dear friend was on the other line. "Hey there" I said, expecting the typical light hearted response that usually follows. "What's going on with your tribe?!" I heard instead. "What?!" I responded? "Your tribe!" my friend said, "I just saw a prominent evangelical on CNN, you all... Continue Reading →

The Relief in Surrender

When's the last time you just took the time to breathe? The type of breathing that's deep and full... fulfilling even? I thought I did it regularly. In fact, after the whirlwind that is a day spent working full time from home with five kids, there are many nights I plop down on the couch... Continue Reading →

The Anchor Holds

When darkness seems to hide His faceI rest on His unchanging graceIn every high and stormy galeMy anchor holds within the veil... I've sung this song a million times. Maybe not, but growing up in church, you get the gist. We were in the pews for Sunday morning, the tiniest of seats for Sunday School... Continue Reading →

How We Process: How He Loves

When I go silent, it usually means I'm processing something. Sometimes, it's obvious to me and everyone around me, at least those who are close. Sometimes I'm not even sure what's happening. However, in times when things are different, or they feel big, I often get quiet. I need time to reflect in order to... Continue Reading →

Even in the Hurt

What. A. Year. 2020 was hard for a lot of families. I'm not downplaying it. We saw some heartbreak in our own family at the end of the year with the loss of my uncle from COVID. But, until that point, while there was a lot more "togetherness" than we bargained for, we were -... Continue Reading →

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