Not of this World

Angst. Frustration. Unknowns. Living through the "newness" of 2020 straight on through today, from the global pandemic, to political strife at home, to wars overseas, it's been a lot. Those feelings mentioned at the top have become easy to fall back on, right? Even as it feels like certain situations are starting to resolve, or... Continue Reading →

Peace in Big Storms

I'm not a "Vague-Booker," but some things that take up a lot of our attention aren't meant for open sharing while you're going through them. If you're in that place: I feel you. You're not alone. Since the start of this year, lots of things in our family have felt uncertain - more shaky than... Continue Reading →

A Foreshadow of Victory

As we begin to enter into Holy Week, I wonder if we don’t often gloss over the importance of the very start of it. Like so many other parts of life: we jump to the end. We’re good at reflecting on the feeling of Maundy Thursday, we sit in the solemnity and darkness of Friday,... Continue Reading →

Praying for ANYTHING

Y'all. I am actively writing a book about finding contentment in God and God alone. It's saturating my life and consuming most of my working time (no, it's not a project I've shared yet - I'm not to that point yet). But, for the purpose of this post, it's important that I give a glimpse... Continue Reading →

Learning to “Un-Plan”

What's your calendar look like for the next month? If it's anything like our family's its a jumble - especially this time of year - of sports practices, competitions, art classes for the lone girl-child of the family who longs for creative outlets, travel for work - both mine and my husband's - and more.... Continue Reading →

Words of Affirmation: Being Known

We talk a lot on here about knowing others and allowing ourselves to be known. It's something that's demonstrated time and time again in Biblical relationships, it's an integral part of relationship with our father in Heaven, and it matters so much in every day life. To do this walk the best way possible, we... Continue Reading →

The Hope of Spring

I'm not a winter person. Cold? I could do without it (at least I tell myself that almost every day in the winter!). It feels especially true right now here in our home: 5 of the 7 of us currently have COVID. It's not the week we were shooting for, but, here we are. And... Continue Reading →

Seasons of Connection

I'm not sure what the weather is like where you are, but here in Pennsylvania we're in that period of time where it might (unexpectedly) hit 60 degrees one day, then be snowing with a solid coating of ice the next (current situation). Because those of us living here are humans who tend to want... Continue Reading →

Contentedness: In His Time

It's that time of year again: the time where we take an inventory of the last year and think ahead to the next. In the past, for me, this not only included the immediate next year. It meant that PLUS the rest of my life. In fact, my whole life was a series of "what's... Continue Reading →

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