The Anchor Holds

When darkness seems to hide His faceI rest on His unchanging graceIn every high and stormy galeMy anchor holds within the veil... I've sung this song a million times. Maybe not, but growing up in church, you get the gist. We were in the pews for Sunday morning, the tiniest of seats for Sunday School... Continue Reading →

How We Process: How He Loves

When I go silent, it usually means I'm processing something. Sometimes, it's obvious to me and everyone around me, at least those who are close. Sometimes I'm not even sure what's happening. However, in times when things are different, or they feel big, I often get quiet. I need time to reflect in order to... Continue Reading →

Even in the Hurt

What. A. Year. 2020 was hard for a lot of families. I'm not downplaying it. We saw some heartbreak in our own family at the end of the year with the loss of my uncle from COVID. But, until that point, while there was a lot more "togetherness" than we bargained for, we were -... Continue Reading →

Lightening Their Loads

"Mom, I miss people," my 10-year-old who loves alone time and video games shared with me the other day. My heart suddenly felt heavy. You see, at the beginning of the pandemic, it was easy to think optimistic, to make plans, and to explain how staying home meant protecting those we love. Yes, we see... Continue Reading →

Hope in Grief: Loving in Hurt

It's interesting. So many of us hoped for a new start in 2021... something different than 2020. In our community, our very near community, it has definitely been different, though not in the way we hoped. On January 6, John and I watched the news covertly - DC is our semi/upcoming home and it's not... Continue Reading →

Edge of my Seat

Here it is. We've said goodbye to 2020. And we're ushering in a new year. While we've all made lots of comments and jokes about not being so sad to see 2020 go, I don't think any of us expects a new world when we walk out our doors during this first week of 2021.... Continue Reading →

2021: Stepping in Quietly

Maybe you've seen it too, but this week, a rapidly spreading meme caught my attention and made me chuckle. "No one claim 2021 as your year," it says. "We're going to step in real quietly. Don't make any noise. Don't. Touch. Anything." I laughed and shared it with a few friends. But, I haven't been... Continue Reading →

Come to the Table

Several months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a friend for coffee... someone I hadn't seen for years. During this time, she shared her story, a story of redemption that I felt honored to listen to. God picked her up from one of the darkest places someone could find themselves in, and brought her... Continue Reading →

Advent 2020: Craving Hope

We all know the drill. It's not "culturally acceptable" to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving happens. We all roll our eyes when the trees come out in department stores before summer ends. We make jokes about skipping other holidays. While some of us wait with baited breath to press play on our Christmas playlists (minus... Continue Reading →

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