The Open House Movement

Alright... so, perhaps using the word "movement" in a title is a bit strong. But, I'm standing by it. I do a lot of reading... like, a lot. Put something in my hands, related to the news, to the workplace, to historical fiction or just about anything else and I'm likely to dig into it.... Continue Reading →

Seeing the World: Kids in Tow

This year has been a whirlwind! In addition to doing day to day life, we've had many opportunities to travel, that we have taken advantage of to the fullest extent possible. So much so, that I've had a lot of people ask me to start sharing how we do it. Based on this, I thought... Continue Reading →

Ready to Settle

For those of you who have been following along with our adventure...whether it's been for the past few months, or the past few years...THANK YOU. Your support has meant the world! We have some excited changes coming! We are excited to announce that our house has gone under contract. We received an offer on Thanksgiving... Continue Reading →

We’re Coming Home

We're coming home. We're also leaving home. When we moved to Asheville, we had no idea what was in store. We knew we likely wouldn't be here forever, that it was a part of our journey, probably not the destination...but something happened that we never expected...Asheville became home. Coming to this beautiful place, surrounded by... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow my Baby Enters the World

Just thinking about it all brings tears to my eyes and a million feelings I didn't expect! But, as the title implies, tomorrow my baby enters this big world on his own two feet...tomorrow, my boy starts kindergarten. Saying those words makes me think back. I think back to the months we waited for his... Continue Reading →

Sometimes the World Spins

Remember all of that positivity I'd stored up and shared, about how it was so exciting to be a part of something new, something start over? Before I address it, I want to start by saying that all of that still holds true. I'm thankful for the opportunities our family has been given. I'm... Continue Reading →

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