Thank You

They say that support comes in at just the right times and when you're really backed into a corner, that you'll find out who's on your side. I have to say that over the past month or so, John and I have absolutely found that to be true. A lot has been going on. Between... Continue Reading →


New Chapters and Moving Forward

Sometimes decisions are just hard. There's no other way to put it. Many of you have probably noticed that my blog has been a little - okay a lot - less active than usual. It has a lot to do with decisions! Sometimes things come up that aren't expected. We've been going through a lot... Continue Reading →

Week 3: Believe

Alright, I've got to go out on a limb and say that out of the 3 weeks of the Move Nourish Believe Challenge, Week 3 was by far my favorite. It focused on Believing and looking inward to find real strength, at least that's what I took from it. The daily challenges were as follows:... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap…Nourish

To start...Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you're celebrating with someone special, with friends or on your own; take the time to celebrate something! Have some fun, get creative and relax. We're definitely having fun here at our house: But, today was something other than a holiday. It was also the day to wrap up week two... Continue Reading →

Fun Christmas Gift

Alright, so, I'm a sucker for Christmas. I am proud to say that I have completed my shopping and now wait for the mail truck and UPS driver like a child on Christmas morning. So, I was especially excited when one of John's gifts arrived today! Because he NEVER reads the blog (or checks Facebook... Continue Reading →

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