Running for Rachel: Who’s Ready for a 5k?!

Alright, it’s been announced, has opened for registration and I am excited…the third annual Running for Rachel will be held on City Island in Harrisburg on Sunday, April 27…You game?


You’ve heard my story, but, in case you haven’t, Rachel played a role in it that she’ll never know. We went to elementary, Jr. high and high school together. We started as basketball opponents and became teammates as we moved up. She was an amazing athlete with a personality to match it. A few years back she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. After an inspirational battle during which she showed more courage than most of us could match, she passed away. But, her legacy has changed lives and continues to do so; mine is one of them.

I lost my way. I went down a path that was as far from fitness and health as possible. During the first Running for Rachel, I was sidelined and watched as my friends and even family (DH took 2nd) excelled in Rachel’s memory. That day, my journey to health and running began; I signed up for my first half marathon and have never looked back.

Last year I was able to run in the race. I took 3rd for my age group and was so proud. I was a competitor again; Rachel’s story has a lot to do with that. I look forward to returning this year and registered as soon as I heard it had opened.

The race is a simple, flat, out and back 5k that runs along the beautiful Susquehanna. Because of the turnaround point, there’s an awesome chance to cheer on other runners. The spirit of race day is high and the community support is incredible. Last year the race was big and the competition was great. I expect the same this year!

If you’re ready to be inspired, whether you want to go for a place, train for your first 5k or enjoy a beautiful walk, sign up for Running for Rachel today. You won’t be disappointed and will leave the race changed; I know I did.

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