Stories: What Do We Do With Them?

It's dark outside. I'm sitting on our front porch, lights pouring out from the inside, sounds of nature and night surrounding from the outside. It's not an unusual spot for me to find myself. In fact, it's alone time I crave and take advantage of most evenings. But, tonight there's more on my mind than... Continue Reading →

Our Neighbors Bought a Boat

Our neighbors bought a boat. I know. What does that have to do with anything? Well... in our neighborhood, a little bit of everything and nothing at the same time. Let me step back. We were coming home from dinner with my in-laws last night for my husband's birthday (a precious time with family that... Continue Reading →

Words of Affirmation: Being Known

We talk a lot on here about knowing others and allowing ourselves to be known. It's something that's demonstrated time and time again in Biblical relationships, it's an integral part of relationship with our father in Heaven, and it matters so much in every day life. To do this walk the best way possible, we... Continue Reading →

The Hope of Spring

I'm not a winter person. Cold? I could do without it (at least I tell myself that almost every day in the winter!). It feels especially true right now here in our home: 5 of the 7 of us currently have COVID. It's not the week we were shooting for, but, here we are. And... Continue Reading →

Seasons of Connection

I'm not sure what the weather is like where you are, but here in Pennsylvania we're in that period of time where it might (unexpectedly) hit 60 degrees one day, then be snowing with a solid coating of ice the next (current situation). Because those of us living here are humans who tend to want... Continue Reading →

Walking with God

Yesterday I went for a walk. It's nothing new. In fact, my neighbors often joke that I probably know everything that's going on at all times because I am always out walking. It gives me a chance to breathe, to get outside, and to just slow down for a few minutes... for someone with anxiety,... Continue Reading →

Soli Deo Gloria: It Changes Everything

Soli Deo Gloria. When I told friends I was getting a tattoo, and that it'd be one of the Solas of the Protestant Reformation, I had lots of questions. Some of my more formally-trained-in-seminary friends made a few jokes about signing my arm with Martin Luther's Sola. Lots of people asked what it meant. And... Continue Reading →

Control vs. Rest

Summer break is upon us: for some of us it's underway, for some of our kiddos we are in the final hours of throwing together last minute projects, remembering things like field day the day of the actual field day while we throw beach towels and water bottles at our kids as they run out... Continue Reading →

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