Advent 2020: Craving Hope

We all know the drill. It's not "culturally acceptable" to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving happens. We all roll our eyes when the trees come out in department stores before summer ends. We make jokes about skipping other holidays. While some of us wait with baited breath to press play on our Christmas playlists (minus... Continue Reading →

Digging Deep: Planning for Winter

Unlike my extra-extroverted husband, I am not someone who thrives in loud, busy spaces. I enjoy time to think. Quiet. The sounds of nature (if an ocean is involved in that sound, even better!). I don't need to be surrounded by a bunch of friends - though I keep a small, tight group especially close... Continue Reading →

Reflections of Growth

"2020." I have a feeling that when we look back on this particular year, many of us will have feelings. Big feelings. In fact, I believe many of us are experiencing them today differently than any of us ever have before. We've been faced with unprecedented situations - like a global pandemic - during a... Continue Reading →

The Problem with Plans

Lately, I've found myself in a place that I don't think I'm alone in. Things feel hard, and big, and - honestly - sort of scary. All of our situations look a little different. We have different concerns - whether they're related to making a mortgage or rent payment, the upcoming election, whether home, or... Continue Reading →

Building Up.

My heart is heavy today, friends. It's been a growing heaviness that I'm sure many of us have that's hard to even identify.When I find myself in places like this...I try to identify the cause. To search my heart and to hold fast to truth. In some ways, like many of us who call... Continue Reading →

Handing Over the Details

Like many other moms...especially those of us who struggle with the perfectionist bug, I spend a lot of time dwelling on details. I plan. I think about not only what comes next... but what comes after that, and after that and after that, in almost an indefinite, infinite cycle. While it makes me feel prepared,... Continue Reading →

Are We Intentional?

I don't know when the world will change. I don't know when the feeling that we're waiting - for change, for justice, for peace, for a calm in the storm - will end. I'm not sure if it will. I'm not sure if it's supposed to. But, I do know this. On my latest project,... Continue Reading →

A Restless Heart (Moving, #1)

As we share our news. I will be publishing journal entries written during the decision-making process, some written several months ago (this one in October), in chronological order. Any [ ] additions, were added during transcription. Hoping to share our journey! Right after marriage, a few months in, John and I bought our first house.... Continue Reading →

The Open House Movement

Alright... so, perhaps using the word "movement" in a title is a bit strong. But, I'm standing by it. I do a lot of reading... like, a lot. Put something in my hands, related to the news, to the workplace, to historical fiction or just about anything else and I'm likely to dig into it.... Continue Reading →

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