Grace and Goodness: Fingerprints of God

I have something so exciting in the works surrounding this topic, but… it’s not ready for sharing.

Something related to it is ready to share though.

This weekend, I was given the opportunity to travel to Austin with a friend. My first time traveling solo – i.e. without family or John – pretty much ever. ALSO my actual first time flying solo, ever. Like. Whole life ever. Sounds funny since I’m a mid-thirties something who travels frequently, but, here we are.

I was looking forward to the event we’d be attending while there (it was SO fun!), a chance to share my book with someone I really look up to, and checking out Texas and Austin for the first time, but, God used it for something more.

You see, God allowed my friend (a neighbor who moved into our neighborhood who I’ve gotten to know through neighborhood events but not really one on one over the past year) and I to get to share in ways we hadn’t been able to before.

Where Stories Come In…

While I knew pieces of her story, I was given the opportunity to hear it all, from start to finish. Her struggles, her triumphs, and VERY clear markers of God’s work in her heart (I’m talking him pushing her through doors that led her directly to him). I was also able to share mine.

During this time, we were able to discuss the way God weaves our lives and stories and paths in a direction that – ultimately – gives glory to him while fulfilling his ultimate purposes. While our stories are different, there’s so much that’s the same… and that’s where I’m going with this particular post.

You see – what we shared isn’t unique. But, it may be something that while most of us are living our lives, parenting, working, and going about our day-to-days, that we sort of overlook.

We’re used to hearing stories from people who have overcome obstacles. Only, the stories that speak the loudest are those that have the biggest platforms. And, that’s GREAT! God gives platforms and voices to those that we are often supposed to hear from.

But… friends… SO many of us have good things to share. We have fingerprints of God ALL over our lives, and yet, we often don’t get to share them with those around us. If we could, imagine the encouragement and changed hearts that might result!

You Have a Story Too

That long-winded (probably too long winded) intro all leads to this: you have a story. God has written pieces of your story and woven them together in a way that – if you’re able to share, to hear from objective listeners, and really examine it – are designed to draw you closer to him, and maybe others too.

Whether you grew up in church and never had a doubt or struggle, or, you walked away from him before he drew him back to himself, OR, you found him later in life or are even still working it all out, your life has a purpose and a design. That, my friend, is your story.

Whatever it is that God has pieced together in your life, or whether you feel like it’s significant or not, I just want to encourage you to thank him for it, to ask for clarity if nothing seems to make sense, and to share.

By sharing God’s fingerprints, you just might find a point of commonality with someone else, find encouragement for your own heart, or even point someone toward him.

Even if it all feels a little messy or confusing, no part of your life is an accident. No part is unredeemable or something “outside” of God. It has a purpose and so do you.

Imagine this on a grander scale. What if all of us “every day” sort of folks were willing to share the hard, the good, and all that has fallen in between with those God places in our path? This thought is pretty exciting to me, and honestly I hope it is to you too.

There’s nothing super profound here, just simple encouragement to move forward and share. You never know who may need your story.

Are you willing to share?

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