Exercise is not just important for losing weight, it’s important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

You know that exercise matters; it’s a way to build strength and endurance while increasing energy. I see this as a positive force, one that keeps me motivated no matter what life throws at me.

As a runner, a lot of my workouts revolve around the sport. But, circuit training and lifting are also critical components of long term success, so fear not, you’ll find something for you.

When it comes to working out, I encourage you to find what you love. If you hate what you’re doing, you’ll never make it a part of your lifestyle, it’ll always be a chore. Remember, exercise can be fun, it’s just about mixing it up and finding what works for you. Find something too challenging or too easy? Find a way to modify it. I’ll try to include modifications, but feel free to slow it down, alter the number of reps or change the weights.

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