Going for It

I’m in. That’s all I could think on Sunday while the New York Marathon was running. As runners of all levels crossed the finish line, I craved the accomplishment they must be feeling and decided I want to feel it. I want to push myself beyond what I have ever thought is possible and to dive in head first. I’m in.

See, running is fairly new to me. I covered that topic in my story. What started as a fitness motivator has become something I enjoy. Something my day usually feels incomplete without. But, a full marathon has intimidated me since day one. I’ve completed lots of other races: half marathons, 5ks, 10ks, mud runs and a triathalon. But when I’ve talked to others about a full, or have listened to their stories, I’ve always considered that prospect to be something for others, for “real” runners.

But, watching the ING New York City Marathon it all changed. I was amazed by the elite runners and their abilities. Finishing a full marathon in 2:08? Crazy. But, I was truly inspired by the everyday runners. Those new to the sport and those in it for the love of it.

For that reason, I’ve decided to go for it. When registration opens, I plan to register for the Wineglass Marathon which runs from Bath to Corning, New York  in October of 2014. My goal? To finish. I don’t have a lofty time goal, for me this is about finishing and about proving that I can finish what I’m going to start. I’ve started mapping out my training and can’t wait to get started. I welcome you to follow my newest adventure! Have your own goal? What is it? Completed a marathon? Share your tips…I will need them!


Update…I have officially registered…who else will be joining me?!

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  1. Hi Laura, my mom just forwarded your blog to me. We have some things in common (running and babies), so thought I would check it out. My husband and I completed a half-marathon with our 13 month old daughter (her first race!) in October and will be running another half this coming weekend (going to be darn cold). My husband has his eye on a marathon for Fall 2014 and is trying to convince me that we have time to train for it, so I’ll be interested to see how your training goes also.

    1. Katie- Can you post the link for your blog? Your mom has told me about it! Good luck on your race this weekend (stay warm!!)

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