Happy Holidays!

Just wanted to send a quick Happy Holidays message to my readers across the world! May you spend time reflecting and enjoying life with family, and may the New Year bring you blessings and joy! I like to use the Christmas season as a time to reflect and to look into what's coming. For our... Continue Reading →

Kettlebell Finishing Circuit

Want to add a little resistance to the end of a cardio workout? No problem...just grab 3 Kettlebells (1 heavier, 2 of the same weight that are lighter; think 30# and two 10#'s, 35# and two 15#'s or 40# and two 20#'s) and a bench (or sturdy, flat chair, curb, your choice!). The circuit is... Continue Reading →

Hill Interval Treadmill Workout

Steady pace, varied levels...something to pass the time. That's what I look for in a treadmill workout. Running a single pace and incline for an hour? It's draining, tiring and hard to maintain, even with the best movie or entertainment right in front of you. This workout focuses on a steady pace, but varies the... Continue Reading →

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