Kettlebell Finishing Circuit

Want to add a little resistance to the end of a cardio workout? No problem…just grab 3 Kettlebells (1 heavier, 2 of the same weight that are lighter; think 30# and two 10#’s, 35# and two 15#’s or 40# and two 20#’s) and a bench (or sturdy, flat chair, curb, your choice!).


The circuit is pretty straight forward and can be completed for time, but doesn’t have to be. If you decide to complete it for time, make sure your technique is strong – if you’re not sure, ask someone like a trainer at your gym – and that you take adequate breaks in between sets. Plan on completing 3 sets.

Kettlebell Finishing Circuit

1. 10 Kettlebell Swings (with heavier weight)

kettlebell swings

2. 10 Left Leg Step Ups (holding one of the lighter weights in each hand)

3. 10 Right Leg Step Ups (holding one of the lighter weights in each hand)


4. 10 Kettlebell Squat Catch and Lifts (with heavier weight)


5. 10 Walking Lunges (holding one of the lighter weights in each hand)

walking lunges

6. 10 Kettlebell Loaded Squats (with heavier weight)


7. 10 Crunches

8. 10 Pushups


Have at it, be safe, ask questions when you’re not sure and have fun! Remember, don’t tackle any new workouts until you’ve checked with your doctor.


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