Why Write? Putting the Doubts to Rest


“But…why would someone want to hear what you have to say?”

That quote right there has been stuck in my head for over a decade.

You see, I’ve always loved writing. When nothing else made sense, writing did. When five other university majors fell through, writing was right there. It’s something I built my career upon, and something I’ve branched out into sharing on a more personal level. Writing is a part of who I am.

So, when I was a fresh college graduate, it seemed natural that I should write a book. I had a general idea and I started fleshing it out. I shared my idea with a few people… and that quote at the top? It was the response I got from one of them.

It stunted me in the worst possible way. As someone who struggles with an immense amount of doubt, it stopped me right in my tracks. My dreams of putting something together went on indefinite hold.

So, I went to plan B. I spent the last decade or so helping OTHERS write their books. I’ve collaborated and edited and helped make other dreams come to light. But my own? They got about as far as this blog and a few editorials/paid pieces along the way. Sure, I’ve gotten to do a lot of writing in my professional life, and that’s something that I am so grateful for. But, a book? Nope. That’s for someone else.

Enter the encouragers

Along the way, though, I started running into those that I’ve begun to refer to with my husband as “the encouragers.” They’re the people who kept nudging me back to writing. From Doofan, my dearest college roommate and travel-across-the-world-with-twins to watch her get married friend, who encouraged me to start my blog in the first place, to others. Those who’ve told me my voice matters. Those who’ve pushed me to persevere and beyond. Every time I’ve hit a corner (or…extremely long period) of doubt, I’ve had someone pushing me to get up and get back on the horse.

If you’ve been an encourager, I am forever grateful to you.

Which brings things back around to that top statement.

Why would someone want to hear what I have to say?

I want to start with making sure that “I” is much bigger than myself. That I? It’s all of us. We all have talents, stories and opinions that matter. They make us who we are; they make us unique. But, they also bring us together. We ALL have things to share and no matter how we choose to do it, we should keep making it a priority.

I believe our stories are bigger than ourselves. I believe that we experience things on this journey through life that can help others, and help us relate to others. This means we should share them. Maybe our stories won’t land us on a big stage in the public arena, but, they might help just one person feel less alone, feel more loved, or feel motivated to push for their own dreams: this means they’re worth sharing.

Moving forward

Having shared that. Through the push from many encouragers, and the realization that every voice matters, along with the belief that sometimes something is placed on our hearts for a reason: I’ve been working on something.

It’s two years in the making. It’s something I started and stopped countless times. It’s something that I have had ready to push out for a little while now, but keep going back to and reworking because that doubt that was put in my head a decade ago still stops me cold.

It’s a book.

I am excited to share more information and details as I have them (suffice it to say it’s a devotional that’s designed to go through during Advent, which may or may not be of interest to you and the image up top has something to do with it), but for right now, I wanted to share that it’s happening.

I wanted to share because again – every voice matters. It’s happening because of the encouragers. It’s happening because of many of you who might be reading this today. For that, I say “Thank you!”

For those of you who are putting your own dream somewhere in a corner, I wanted to share that it’s worth exploring, even if it’s just to say “I did it” at the end or to get rid of that persistent doubt that you’ve held on to for a little longer than you should have.

Do it. Do whatever you’re scared of. Share who you are and the story God gave you. Look for and acknowledge the encouragers and go for it. Put the doubts to rest today!

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