Come to the Table

Several months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a friend for coffee… someone I hadn’t seen for years.

During this time, she shared her story, a story of redemption that I felt honored to listen to. God picked her up from one of the darkest places someone could find themselves in, and brought her close to him. She ran to him, and y’all… things changed in the most amazing ways. I’d love to share more, but she’s working on a way to share her story herself. Let me tell you though, it gave me chills. Her life was spent pushing God away, with zero interest in him… and in an INSTANT, it all changed. He quite literally brought her from death to life in a story that only he could orchestrate, that only he could design, and that only he could accomplish.

What she doesn’t know, is that on the way home from our meeting, the song, “Come to the Table,” by Sidewalk Prophets played and I sat in my car at a red light and cried like a baby. I’m talking giant tears, almost missed the green light and had to pull over to find composure enough to make it home. It was the first time I heart the song and the words popped out of the speakers, redefining the way I’d see relationships going forward.

The song has played on random playlists several times this week, bringing me right back to having heard my friend’s story. It brings me back each time… and gives such hope. What has any of us done to deserve a love like this?

Today’s sermon at church referenced the idea of “coming” once again… in Revelation 22:17, the Bible says “Let the one who hears say, “Come.” And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who desires take the water of life without price.” We could not afford this kind of life, we could do nothing on our own to earn it and yet, if we want it, we have the opportunity; it’s right there in front of us!

What a great love we have the privilege to experience. What grace! I feel like maybe this is a message that’s resonating so deeply this year because guys… we’re tired. We’re weary. We’re experiencing Advent in a new way this year. We are tired of headlines. Tired of turmoil. Tired of disagreements with family, with other believers, with friends. It’s hard. It’s low. It’s discouraging… and yet, we’re told – ALL of us – to COME.

We are invited to our Savior’s table – not on our own merit. Not because we’ve earned it. Not because of anything we’ve done at all… instead, because of the great love of our Lord and his sacrifice. He’s set a place for us, we’ve just got to turn to him.

If you’re struggling during this season. If you’re longing for something and just can’t place it… I don’t think it’s an accident. There’s hope out there: you are not forgotten. You are loved. You are welcome.


If you’ve gotten this far, I’d really just encourage you to watch the video yourself. Think about the words, and where your heart is today? In what are you placing your hope? Your trust? What has you feeling less than? What makes you feel like you’re being left in the dust? What part of you is screaming today, things you can’t even repeat to others?

You’re not alone. You’re INVITED to more.

Watch the video here:

(Obviously, credit here goes to Sidewalk Prophets and their YouTube channel đŸ™‚ )

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