Hitting the Pavement…Rebuilding

Today was the day. As many of you know, the past year has been a time of learning a whole lot, reassessing, setting new goals and finding a new way to do things. Today I hit the pavement...outside! Let's rewind. I got into running to get back into shape...you can read my whole story here,... Continue Reading →

Running in Summer: Surviving the Heat

Days are getting longer, the world is a lot greener and the temperatures are starting to rise: summer is just around the corner. I've heard a lot in my own community - new and old runners alike talking about how the heat is starting to affect their training schedules. Instead of looking at the heat... Continue Reading →

Running for Rachel 2014 Race Recap

What a day for a 5k. On Sunday, April 27, close to 1000 runners gathered at Harrisburg's City Island for the 3rd annual Running for Rachel 5k. With sunny skies and a temperature near 50 degrees, it couldn't have been better condition-wise! With a personal connection to the race having grown up with Rachel -... Continue Reading →

A Change of Plans

It's funny. I know that as far as life goes, we have very little say in the way things work out. We decide our own path and choose our own journey, but outcomes are very rarely in our control. This is why fitness appeals to me so much. We choose our own fitness journeys and... Continue Reading →

8 Ways to Improve Your Race Pace

Whether you're a long time runner, or someone just getting started your race pace likely matters to you. While crossing the finish line or making an attempt is┬ájust as important, once you've been at it awhile, or once you're sure you can meet those basic goals, the time that you'll finish in probably ranks up... Continue Reading →

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