Hitting the Pavement…Rebuilding

Today was the day. As many of you know, the past year has been a time of learning a whole lot, reassessing, setting new goals and finding a new way to do things. Today I hit the pavement…outside!

Let’s rewind. I got into running to get back into shape…you can read my whole story here, but, the bottom line is that in the beginning, the motivation was solid. I needed a way to find myself again, running gave it to me.

Soon, it became more than it should have. Instead of being proud of milestones, I set out to set new ones at every corner and to keep besting myself over and over again. I wasn’t in it just for the joy of running and enjoying activity, I was in it to win…all the time. Anyone who knows anything about athletes knows that that motivation leads to nothing good, and instead straight to a brick wall. I found mine last March. Then, forced to the sidelines, I had to step back.

Over the past few months, I’ve found myself on a new journey. As many of you know, I set out to get back into activity again and to find a way to love it. I signed up to run/jog/walk for Team Toby Mac and the New Hope Academy for the Nashville Half Marathon in April. With the okay from the doctors, lots of promises to listen to my body and a new mindset, I started back at it. But, I still wasn’t sure what that would look like or if I could really stay true to myself. However, with multiple checks in place, I got started.

For just over the past month, I’ve been hitting the treadmill. Walking, then jogging. No specific thoughts about times, splits or programs, just learning to find my rhythm again. Today, I had the opportunity to take it outside! The feeling I had today was something I’ve missed for a long time, and something that I started to forget when working out became all about schedules and goal times.


The sun was shining and there were new trails around our new house that needed to be explored. It wasn’t bitterly cold. Everything seemed to be a go. The best part though? I just wanted to get out there. I didn’t have a schedule to stick to. I didn’t have a goal time in mind. I didn’t even plan how far I’d go…I put on my shoes and went out.

After a little over 2 miles, I felt tired. Instead of pushing through…I walked. Sounds obvious right? To a previously compulsive runner, it’s not that obvious and it was a joy just to be able to do it…to slow down and to take in the sights all around me. Guys…I even got to smell the pine trees. It doesn’t get better than that. Toward the end, I picked it up and jogged back to the house. Coming in, I didn’t feel like I’d out done myself and I didn’t feel as though I’d gone too far. I just felt satisfied to have spent some time outside, alone with nature and with my thoughts. That’s a gift that I’d honestly forgotten about.

Sometimes life is about rebuilding toward something new and about finding what really matters and living for that. About living in the moment. About appreciating every step. I’m there…where are you?


Just a reminder to all of my readers! I’m currently in the process of trying to raise money for New Hope Academy for Team Toby Mac and the Nashville Half Marathon…if you feel compelled to contribute, please visit my fundraising page!

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