When “Health” becomes More Important than “Fitness”

I’ve been there, sometimes I’m still there…so I’m assuming you’ve been there too.

We set goals. Whether they’re based on frustration with how things are, things we’d like to accomplish, what everyone else is doing or has going for them or something we’ve seen somewhere else, we set goals. Goals are important…they propel us through life and toward great things. When we accomplish those goals, we are left with this mile-high feeling that’s pretty hard to match. That phrase “walking on cloud 9,” actually makes sense sometimes!

This is especially true in the fitness world. From TV shows that promote losing hundreds of pounds in 12 weeks to models and others in the entertainment world that have amazing bodies and have accomplished great things, we are surrounded by a culture that tells us anything is possible.

Only, sometimes it’s not. And when that situation crops up, we’re left unsure of how to deal with it and how to move forward! Maybe you’ve been there too…for me, that is right now.

This isn’t always the easiest thing to share; we want others to see us succeed, especially when we have set ourselves up to be models for others. Sharing “downs” can be complicated, messy and emotional – all things we try to avoid.

But, I’ll do my best.

Here’s the thing. A lot of you have been following me for awhile now. You’ve seen my journey and that it was filled with a lot of highs. I set a lot of lofty goals and slowly worked as hard as I could to accomplish them. They weren’t easy, and sometimes I was putting everything I had forward…but I did my best to do everything I said I would do. It was a commitment I made to myself and to everyone else!

Many of you read my blog post the day I decided to register for the Wineglass Marathon, happening this Sunday in Corning, New York. I remember writing it and being so excited as some of my friends made the commitment with me. The day I signed up, I was filled with anticipation; the thought that I wouldn’t cross the finish…or even the starting line…never really occurred to me. I was on my own, full-throttle high.

When I signed up, fitness was my focus; it has been ever since this journey began. That hasn’t changed. However, what has changed is that I have come to realize that fitness and health can’t always be grouped into a nice, neat little category; sometimes one becomes a little more important than the other.

You all read my “change of plans” post where I announced that I would no longer be running the marathon. It wasn’t easy to pen the words, but it was easy in comparison to actually facing the realization that a serious goal I set won’t be happening.

As the week of the marathon set in, I thought of where I’d be if I had been training, about starting my taper and about getting really excited about going to New York! Instead, I’m just excited to make it through this week, to get some answers and to figure out how to get back on track! It’s funny how things change sometimes! But, the important thing to note is that sometimes things have to change. Sometimes we have to be strong enough to step back and reevaluate our goals, our passions and – most importantly – our motivations.

What’s motivating you today? Are you pushing for unrealistic goals for unhealthy motivations? Or, are you focused on putting your health and your future first? I know, it’s not easy, but, health must always come first; decisions should be made with that as the top priority. Where do you stand today?

For me, I’m looking forward to getting things figured out and pushing forward. I’m excited to watch my friends cross the finish line on Sunday, knowing they’ve trained hard for a goal that many people think is unreachable! I know they’re going to rock it 🙂

Thanks for following along with me on this crazy journey. Sometimes the downs are just as important as the ups, and I’m hoping that seeing that things don’t just “happen” for everyone else will encourage you today. Think about the goals you’ve set and about what’s driving those goals…where do you want to be once you meet them? What small steps can you take today to get yourself to that place, where health AND fitness work together for great things?


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