4-Step Circuit

Setting up a circuit is an excellent form of cross-training. In fact, I find I’m able to get more out of a 20 minute circuit than a 5 mile run when I commit to putting everything I have into it…here’s my most recent.

What you need:

  • Muscle Ball
  • Small stepping block
  • Yoga Ball
  • 2 Hand Dumbbells

The Steps:

  1. Muscle Ball Slams: Standing with feed a little wider than your shoulders, hold the muscle ball in both hands over your head. With total effort, while keeping your core tight, slam the ball down on the ground in front of you, catching it as it bounces back up. Repeat x 10.
  2. Side to Side Push-ups: Start in a push up position (or modified position with your knees on the ground), with one hand on the ground and the other on the block. Do a push up. Switch so your other hand is on the block and do a push up. Repeat x 10.
  3. Dead Bugs: Lay flat on your back holding the muscle ball in the air with both hands and both feet (think: dead bug position). At the same time, bring your left foot and right arm down to the ground while your other hand and foot keep the ball above your body. Switch sides. Repeat x 10.
  4. Walking Lunges: Hold a dumbbell on each side hanging down by your legs. Lunge, making sure to keep your knee above your ankle on your forward foot, not over extending. Repeat with the other side, moving forward. Do 10 out and 10 back (for a total of 20).

Repeat the circuit 8 times (or work with where you are).

Goal: Do it faster than the last time you did it, do not let yourself get slower. I try to add this circuit into my routine once a week, try it out!


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