Athletic Frustrations

running shoes

While some of you are aware and others may not be, I’ve recently been fighting a foot/knee injury (not great for a runner!). It’s been a frustrating process, and those closest to me have caught the brunt of that frustration. While I’m working with an excellent physical therapy team (check out Madden Physical Therapy and let them know I sent you if you ever need assistance!) who are committed to getting me back into my groove, the process has been long and not running has been difficult (to say the least!).

While the process has been frustrating (can I say that too many times?!), it’s also been a learning experience. Since I’m committed to learning in every aspect of life, I thought I’d share a few of the lessons.

1. You cannot heal an injury through sheer willpower.

I know this because I’ve tried. I thought if I ignored it, it’d go away. Some things just take rest.

2. Sometimes breaks can be more difficult than intense training.

It sounds crazy, but when you’ve committed yourself to training at a high level, coming down from that mountain can be more difficult than pushing through.

3. Taking a break does not mean doing nothing.

Having an injury, no matter what body part it encompasses (barring a full body cast of course!) is not a license to slack off, eat terribly and to go back to old habits. While riding a stationary bike may not be my activity of choice, it’s the best way to get cardio right now. So, I’m committed.

4. Patience is something developed over time.

At least in my case, this is true. I am not a patient person. The last time I prayed for patience I compound fractured my leg…end result? Never pray for that one again. But, here I am, learning all over again about this thing called patience and how it applies to all areas of life.

5. Rehabbing an injury can be a new beginning.

This is what’s pulling me through. While I’m spending more time enjoying the little things in life, I’m also ready to hit the pavement hard when I get the all-clear. This break has given me time to re-focus and re-center. I think this is a healthy, good thing.


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