The Open House Movement

Alright... so, perhaps using the word "movement" in a title is a bit strong. But, I'm standing by it. I do a lot of reading... like, a lot. Put something in my hands, related to the news, to the workplace, to historical fiction or just about anything else and I'm likely to dig into it.... Continue Reading →

Embracing a Not-So-New Decade

For those who don't know me well...I have something to share. Probably something many others can relate to. I fought turning 30, and leaving my 20's behind like nothing else. Maybe it has something to do with wanting to hang on to the sense of freedom I thought I felt during that glorious decade that... Continue Reading →

Sweet Potato Risotto Taco Bake

I'm back to it! Back to focusing on what goes into my body and creating meals that are hits with EVERY member of the family (well...I try at least 🙂 ). This one, however was one! Thought I'd share! Sweet Potato Risotto Taco Bake Ingredients: 1.5 cups dry Arborio rice (risotto) 1 TB Extra virgin... Continue Reading →

It’s Worth the Effort!

I love gardening...if you've been following along for awhile you know this. I love knowing where my family's food comes from and providing in a very real way. In the past, I've started from store bought starters...which is great! But, this year, I wanted to start from scratch...from seeds. I got them started in March... Continue Reading →

My New (Ad)Venture!

Here goes. I'm not one to turn down something new. Over the last year my life has been full of these things! From a new move and home, to two new family members to a host of other changes, I've learned to thrive on "new." Additionally, I'm a bit of a bath product snob. There's... Continue Reading →

Super Easy Enchilada Salad

We've all been there. We're in a rush and we need food fast, so we resort to frozen or fast food dinners that might, if we admit it, be a little less than nourishing. It doesn't have to be like that. Quick can be healthy! This enchilada salad proves it. Full of color and important... Continue Reading →

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