Giveaway #1

Alright folks, here goes.

With the celebration of Thanksgiving rapidly approaching (our house is already starting to smell delicious with some healthier-alternatives to traditional dishes), I’ve decided to use a holiday saver as a gift.

Nothing compliments a holiday dinner like a great glass of wine. It’s also an excellent way to wind down after a busy day with the family, or an intense work out (after properly hydrating of course).  Wine is a lower-calorie alternative to sugary mixed drinks and has proven health benefits. But, moderation says it’s best to not go for the whole bottle. This is where the dilemma starts, wine lovers know that after just a few hours of storage, wine loses something.

The solution? Giveaway #1 :). The VacuVin Wine Saver & Wine Server Crystal (details here). John and I were given one for Christmas last year and use it religiously, nothing like a new bottle flavor a few days later. For this reason, it will be my first giveaway.

To enter: Like Take Two Blog on Facebook, Share the Facebook Post announcing the contest and comment here or on the Facebook link. I’ll draw a winner on Monday, Dec. 2.

wine saver


Happy Thanksgiving everyone and thanks for reading…remember to enjoy the holiday and that moderation is always best. Cheers!

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