Vega Sport #FuelYourBetter Recovery Protein Review

I understand the importance of fueling your body right – I write about it often and look for natural options to ensure that I’m performing at my best and taking care of myself at all times.

With that in mind, I was excited to try out Vega Sport’s Recovery Protein. Given that I already use an everyday protein mix to start my day and a hydrator before, during and after workouts, the only missing piece was some recovery protein. My goal, as an endurance athlete is .6 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day…this gives me some room to work with.

I was first impressed with the ingredients inside the protein pack. See below. All natural with ingredients I was familiar with like pea protein, sprouted whole grain brown rice protein and alfalfa protein, I was excited to give it a try. The 25 grams of protein was also a huge plus.

Vega Sport 2

Vega Sport 3


As per the directions, I started by mixing the powder in water after a long workout. While it didn’t blend as well as I had hoped during round 1 (I got better with additional attempts!), the taste was pleasant. I have to admit that my first use didn’t go so smoothly, however, after trying it again I can attribute the round one issues to a long workout that I didn’t fuel properly for beforehand.

I like the smoothness and the ease of use of Vega Sport’s recovery protein and have added into my workout recovery regimen. It goes down easily, has no unpleasant aftertaste, doesn’t cause any digestive issues and seems to decrease my recovery time – always a plus! My favorite uses? Adding it to milk instead of water and incorporating it into pumpkin pie smoothies (or any smoothies for that matter, like my strawberry sunrise below!).

Green Smoothie 1


I definitely recommend the recovery protein for anyone looking to add a bit of an edge to their recovery program while increasing natural protein into their diets. For endurance athletes, this combination doesn’t get much better! Learn more about Fuel Your Better and see how you can make a few changes for maximum results today!


Note: I was given Vega Sport’s Recovery Protein as a trial. My review is honest and I don’t endorse a product unless I believe in it…but you already know that! 

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