Asheville: A little piece of my heart

Whether we’re close or not, you probably know that I’ve had some, well, apprehensions about our upcoming move. Regardless of where you are in life, uprooting yourself, your family and everything you know and starting over can seem like a massive endeavor. It’s filled with stress – selling and buying a house, finding a new routine, looking for new opportunities, heartbreak – leaving those closest to you behind and a whole lot of unknowns – what’s next? I’ve been stuck in that cycle for some time now.

So, when John needed to travel down to Asheville again, and since we’ve made the official decision to relocate, the boys and I decided to come along for the trip. I was hoping with everything inside of me that this would go down differently from our last trip…that I’d feel better when we left than before it…that I’d find joy in this journey.

Let me tell you – that hope was surpassed and I can say with a little more ease, and a few less tears, that Asheville is looking like a place that will someday feel like home.


This trip, my true desire was to form some connections. I am a creature of habit and an introvert at heart. Those closest to me know that well…I can make it work and once I get to know you, I’m more of an open book. But, until then, new situations are filled with anxiety and stress. I prayed that I could overcome this during this trip!

On Sunday, we revisited the church that we feel a definite pull toward. It was wonderful…we saw some familiar faces (which means a WHOLE lot when you know no one!) and had some great conversations. We were even invited to a small group gathering that both recharged us and energized us for what’s ahead. We cannot wait to jump in and to experience life with this amazing group of people! What an amazing blessing!

From there, we went back to a few of our favorite places, the WNC Nature Center, the community park in Fletcher and a restaurant that we loved during our first trip. We also checked out new places and had a lot of fun.


Boys at the park.


Checking out a trail.


Amazing mountain views.


Even some fun bowling!

What I learned during this trip is that a lot of fear comes from the unknown. When I am unsure of something, I look at it as a negative instead of as an incredible opportunity with great potential. This needs to change and that change started during this visit. We are blessed to have this opportunity and I look forward to taking advantage of it. Am I still nervous and sad? Of course…that’s part of it. But, I am hoping that as the date draws nearer, that those feelings will become less instead of more and that I can look forward to calling Asheville home.

What I didn’t expect when we left, was for the longing to return. To me, this means that Asheville has a little piece of my heart. That’s just enough to get me through what’s ahead and to look forward to what’s next. Here goes nothing!

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  1. Laura, We pray or you and your family as you make the move. As a mom, I know all too well the concerns that come with moving to a new place…more than once! I pray you will view it as a new opportunity. God has chosen YOU to do His work in the Ashville area. He already has divine appointments planned and is going to use you to complete His good work. Someone needs your friendship and wisdom…and maybe you haven’t even met him/her yet! Also, use this as an opportunity to have a huge yard sale and get rid of stuff you have been hanging on to way too long šŸ™‚ So glad you are joining us south of the Mason Dixon line! How long do you think it will be before the rest of the family follows? Ours did! :-)…….Karen Noel

  2. Good job Laura Kauffman Pyne #growlerinthewild winner this week! Claim your prize in the tasting room. A bootle of Babbling Brook (our new sparkling sweet wine. (Growler in the Smokey Mountains). A new winner will be announced next Thursday! Submit your entry ASAP!

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