We all like to share updates like that one above. We like the world to know about the exciting things happening in our lives.

It’s great! It’s great to encourage each other. It’s great to find support and community. It’s great to keep up with loved ones far away and it’s just fun to document the exciting aspects of life.

But sometimes I wonder if we aren’t doing each other a huge disservice…if all of our “life is amazing!” Posts don’t do more to break each other down or to set a standard that’s just not realistic.

I’ve found this to be especially true lately. I want to start by saying that I feel blessed. That I am so so excited for what’s ahead. Just wanted to pose a thought, because while I love to share the posts like the one above, sometimes, pregnancy looks like this:


Sometimes it’s not glamorous.

Sometimes it’s full of questions and uncertainty.

Sometimes it feels like something bigger than us, something that leads to fear.

Sometimes it’s full of judgement from others.

Sometimes we aren’t sure how to pull it all together.

Sometimes it hurts.

Sometimes it is just plain hard.

But we do it. We cherish every moment because, just like every part of life, it’s a gift. It’s a blessing that we don’t always feel like we deserve. It leads to joy and a sense of completion. It’s something amazing that’s so much bigger than us.

Just remember to stay grounded, to not compare yourself to the unachievable standard that social media bombards us with every single day. Remember to count every blessing that comes your way. Remember to cherish every minute…even the ones where you’d rather be anywhere but where you are.

Keep putting your best foot forward. But remember, before you compare yourself to what you see in the snapshots others post of their lives, that they’re just doing the same. 🙂

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