Today, I Picked Up a Pen

There’s lots to share. A lot has happened in the past few months. A lot of really amazing things, and also some things that we are still working through!

But, I feel like there’s  a time and a place to catch up. Today’s not that day. Today was a day to go back to the basics. To pick up a pen and see what happens. So, that’s what I did.

This is what happened.


The Best Gift

I feel the rays of heat on my back
the sun’s best gift.

My skin almost tingles with delight
happy to be without sleeves
soaking up whatever nature has to give.

If it weren’t for the signs of the season:
crunching leaves
bare branches
browning grass,
I’d be unpacking for spring, instead of staring at Christmas lights.

They say it’s a sign of the times
The politicians blame global warming
Everyone has an opinion.

Me? I’m thankful to be outside
listening to my children laughing
uninhibited joy
jacketless exhuberance
One of them has even foregone shoes.

I see a neighbor emerge.
As she steps away from her porch, she stops and looks up
just as surprised by this unexpected gift as I am.
Her steps slow as she walks to the mailbox
enjoying every drop of warmth
storing it up for the colder months ahead.

My attention turns to the sound of an engine
a car with windows down, music loud.
I can’t be sure, but even the birds sound confused…
is it time to migrate or nest?
They seem content in the unknown.

I turn my thoughts back to the present…
to the blessings that surround
to fragrant  fall tea leaves blending with the scent of the outdoors
to the sun shining over the mountains and through the trees of my yard.

Christmas and winter are coming,
but for now, I’ll just breathe…
Lost in the promise of spring.



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