Pampering for #FitMoms

As you know, this blog started to document my journey to fitness. Over time, it has evolved! Why? Because that’s how life happens.

Over the past few years, my family has grown, injuries have happened, big moves have taken place and my business has gone in a few directions. These are mostly good, even GREAT things! But, it’s made my blog a journey of this and that, here and there and everything in between.

One thing that’s recently changed is my decision to become a Perfectly Posh independent consultant! Again, I see this as a great thing…I’m a bath product addict, and this line of natural goodies is right up my alley. Today I’m going to combine my love of all body products with a piece designed with fit moms in mind! Most of these products will be from Perfectly Posh (available at )but remember, I’m endorsing them because I love them and I’ve seen results…not as a gimmick!

Want to amp up your beauty and relaxation routine ALONG with your fitness program? I’ve got you covered 🙂 Keep reading!

Protecting Your Lips

You know the drill. You have a tough outdoor workout…between sun exposure and cold, your sensitive lips take a beating. Chapped lips are painful and irritating. The worst part is that the chapsticks that claim to work, might do so for a little, then you’re left right back where you started….break out of this routine by trying something new!

Bahama Berry Lip Scrub

The Bahama Berry Iced Strawberry and Orange lip scrub is your first step toward healed lips. The scrub contains shea butter and works to rid your lips of unhealthy layers, leaving them smooth, soft and better ready to take on the elements.

Bahama Berry Lip Balm

Follow the scub up with the Bahama Berry Caffeinated lip balm to add a layer of moisture to provide even more protection and soothing to tired lips.

Taking care of your lips means you’re one step closer to a healthy outdoor work out routine!

Rehabbing After a Tough Workout

I know I’ve been there. You’ve put in the effort. You’re ready to crash. But, the kids still need you and don’t care that your muscles are sore! No worries…you can fix that!

Hot Pepper Sha-Bang

The Hot Pepper Sha-Bang muscle stick and butter work to rehab and relieve tired muscles. With the healing qualities of hot pepper, combined with the scent of berries, peaches, roses and geraniums, this is a treat to follow up any workout!

Muscle THrough Magnesium Soak

Who doesn’t love a good soak? Muscle Through magnesium soak combines the healing, anti-swelling qualities of magnesium with high quality salts to provide total relief.

A little soak combined with the penetrating power of hot pepper might be exactly what you need to soothe your muscles from today’s workout while preparing for tomorrow’s!

Soothing Sore Feet

Calling all runners. We all know what tired feet feel like. After long runs, you probably feel like your feet just need to breathe…I know…I’ve been there. Want to try something other than the tried-and-true ice soak? Start here!

Rubby Scrubby

The Rubby Scrubby exfoliating foot soap stick is designed with tired feet in mind. It combines exfoliating natural beads and refreshing peppermint essential oil to pamper tired feet. Perfect!

Cool Your Sole

The Cool Your Sole cooling foot balm removes dry scaly feet while providing a hard to find elsewhere cooling effect. Apply regularly under socks overnight for best results!


Getting Sleep the Night Before a Race

If you’re like me, you understand the night-before-the-big-race jitters. You’ve prepared and you’re ready to go…but when you go to lay down, sleep is impossible to find. Then on race-day, you’re left wondering if the two hours of sleep you got the night before were even worth it. There’s relief in sight!

Sleepy Sleep with Logo

The Sleepy Sleep skin stick is filled with shea butter and lavender essential oil and is specially designed to help you unwind and sleep…use on your forehead or wrists to forget about the stress and get some sleep, knowing you’re ready for race day!

Cleansing Your Face

Workouts take a toll on your face. From excess sweat to the stress that conditioning naturally places on your body, your face can be an innocent victim! Why not pamper it a bit?

cackle spackle

The Cackle Spackle Thrilling Face Mask uses spearmint, charcoal and volcanic ash to purify your pores, pulling toxins away for good! Check out my video review here. I’ve seen serious results and a major reduction in breakouts and I thank this mask for that! Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Detoxing Your Body

The Dark

The Love the Dark body scrub combines charcoal, sea salt and honey to purify your body while pulling toxins away like only charcoal can. The fresh sea-breeze scent just adds to the appeal. This brand new product is designed with #fitmoms in mind!


The Detox Body Mud Stripper is designed as a detox for your skin. Lather it on, feel the tingling effects and feel the destructive toxins leaving your skin. Use on armpits and feet to remove long-lasting bad scents that workouts tend to leave behind. You won’t be sorry!

When you protect your skin, relax your muscles and take care of your body as a whole, you’re more likely to find your true potential as an athlete, and a #fitmom. When you’re happy and healthy, you’re better able to serve your family as well. This is a win-win situation!

Ready to take your regimen to the next level? Consider the products listed above, or contact me today! I’d love to answer any questions and to help you find what works best for you!



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