Funny How Time Works.

The other day, we had the kids at an amusement park.

It was hot, crowded and everyone was tired.

You let me sit; giving me the opportunity to just watch.

Giving me the chance to think. To reflect.


You waited in line with our boys, to buy milkshakes that were ridiculously overfilled, over “sugared” and overpriced.

I saw you laughing with them, building memories from small moments that will last forever.

I’ve watched you reading to them. Teaching them to play card games. Playing paddle ball. Throwing baseballs.

Disciplining when things go too far. Turning experiences into lessons.

Teaching them how to grow.

Teaching them to laugh.

Teaching them how to hold onto every little moment.


And I thought.

I thought back to our own childhoods, that by God’s good plan somehow merged together.

I remember bike-rides around that curve that felt more dangerous than it was.

I remember camping trips, telling stories around fires, hiking up hills that felt like mountains, laughing.

I remember a childhood that still brings a smile to my face.

All the while having no idea that these memories of ours would grow into more.


That this path we were on would entwine.

That you would be the one to teach my children how childhood should go.

That you’d let them “help” you build things, while building them up.

That the boy who was part of my “best friends” would become my life partner.

That we’d fight arguments that only couples understand.

That we’d walk through fire to come out stronger.

That you’d become someone who loved Jesus first, making all life decisions from that centering point.


That you’d become the man who’d help my boys become men.


Those thoughts are random. Maybe they only make sense to me. But, as I watched John with our oldest two the other day, while I sat with our twins, hiding out from the sun, I started thinking about what a blessing it is to marry your friend. There are growing pains that make it a challenge that others maybe don’t experience, having sorted their lives out and figured themselves out before finding each other. But, being able to see the boy my husband was, in the boys that our children are, somehow brings things full circle. It made me think, and it made me smile. Life is crazy, confusing and difficult sometimes, but there’s a plan that’s so much more than any of us could imagine. What a blessing!

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