Portion Control

Alright, here goes; the part where I talk about something no one wants to talk about. Food, and how to eat it the right way.

I need to back up first though. You’ve seen some of my recipes. Going forward you will see plenty more. You’ll also see they wouldn’t all fit into a diet book of any sort. Because, here’s the thing: food should be enjoyed. I truly believe that, and throughout my journey and my experiences, I have continued to harp on this idea. If you are miserable because you’re starving all the time, you’re not fueling your body the way it deserves to be fueled. If you’re undertaking any sort of physical fitness regimen, this is even more important. Food is what keeps you moving, it is your energy source and it should be respected and treated as such.

But, don’t worry, it can also taste great!

Because I recognize that food has a purpose, but also love to eat it (and at one point, I ate a whole lot of it), I’ve learned a lot about portion control. I think that finding foods that are good sources of energy and essential nutrients (with some fun ones thrown in!) and combining those foods with proper portion sizes are essential for healthy behaviors that last.

People ask me about how I eat a lot. I will admit that going gluten free has helped with limiting what’s available. I don’t load up on breads with dinner anymore, carbs are no longer my biggest struggle and I’ve been forced to come to terms with the fact that I need to eat a lot of whole foods to keep moving. But, my biggest secret has been portion control.

Check out the tool found at this link to learn more. By finding ways to relate food portions to real items (think baseballs, computer mouses, etc), it’s easier to understand what’s an appropriate serving size. Paying attention to what’s on the label is equally important, but, I think it’s more important to lean more heavily on items that aren’t in packaged – therefore processed – boxes. I’ve also started eating off of a salad plate. I fill my dish with appropriate portion sizes, allow my family to fill their plates…then I put the food away. By enjoying what’s on my plate, knowing the hassle it will be to go back for seconds…thirds…fourths (you get the picture), it’s easier to enjoy the moment. Can food be linked to positive experiences? Absolutely. But, portion control must be  a part of those experiences. Give it a try!

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