2014: Who’s In?



I’m not a big fan of new years resolutions. I think they set people up to fail and are made without plans. But, I do think a new year (or any time for that matter!) is a great time to start thinking about goals (long and short term) and making plans to see them through.

I’ve already shared my big goal for 2014. I’ve registered for the Wineglass Marathon in Corning, NY on October 5. I can’t wait. I have training schedules printed out and am ready to go. What really excited me though is what happened AFTER I shared my plans. You see, in that time, I’ve had two people share my enthusiasm and decide to join in. Why is this exciting? It’s because it’s about encouragement, it’s a built in training team and it’s something that will stop me from doing the flip-flop and backing out down the road. Like any other aspect of life, accountability matters for fitness goals.

Think about your own goals for 2014. My thinking is that it’s best to set a large goal…but to put in smaller goals to accompany it. Want to run or walk your first 5k? Make a training plan, ask someone to join you or to at least help you stick to your plans. Want to lose 40 pounds? Awesome…think about the tools you need to make that happen and make small diet changes or commit to working out 10 minutes a day to start. It’s all about small plans to reach the big goals.

Having said that…what are your plans for 2014. Even better…want to take the marathon plunge with me? I’d like to welcome others to sign up for the Wineglass full marathon OR half marathon and to take part in what should be a really great weekend! (Note: there is a 2500 runner cap and they’re about halfway there…don’t wait too long!).

Make your 2014 into what you want it to be!

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