I’m Not Sorry


This week, the twins turn three months old. It’s crazy…time has truly flown by! We are amazed every day at their progress, thankful for their sleeping habit improvements and amazed that these little miracles are ours.

But, during this three months, there’s been something I’ve been debating sharing, unsure of how to put it out there without sounding offensive. But, I think it’s time…so…here goes.

To get there, I have to start with how the twins arrived. It’s something I’ve had to figure out how to come to terms with on my own, something I treasure, and something I’m asked about on a fairly regular basis.

See, when you have twins, it seems like no questions are off limits. That’s okay, I don’t mind sharing…and I used to be the one with all of these questions!! One of them, is about how they were delivered, and that’s okay!

At 37 weeks and 3 days, I was scheduled for an induction due to Intrauterine Growth Restriction. Basically, the babies ran out of rooms. I was proud as John and I marched (okay…waddled and limped 🙂 ) down the halls of the hospital, excited to have made it to term, and ready to meet the babies!

We had absolutely fantastic nurses and a doctor that was completely supportive of our desire for the most natural birth possible considering twins were in the picture. One of her requests was that we have an epidural, because things can turn really rapidly with twins. We agreed to have it placed as soon as we arrived (because of platelet issues, we could have lost this opportunity if we had waited). (Note: I use “we” a lot…because John was just as much a part of this process and support as I was…this was a team effort in every sense of the word!). But, we wanted to wait to have the meds put through it. Our doctors were completely on board.

The labor was smooth and I was able to stay relaxed through it. Contractions were manageable and I was on cloud nine. When I progressed to 8 centimeters, the doctor asked if we could start putting the drugs in, again, just in case. I agreed . However, we quickly found out they couldn’t push the medicine through the epidural…it was defective. So, it was removed and they placed another one, which didn’t work. At this point, it was time to move to the OR (standard for twin delivery) to push, so a natural birth it would be!

Our baby A, which we quickly found out was a boy, was delivered quickly! It was smooth and amazing, we were in love instantly! Other good news included the fact that our Baby B (which would be a girl!), had flipped from breech (where she’d been the whole pregnancy) to head down. “great!” we thought, she’d be here in no time!!

This is where everything took a turn. Our doctors face became concerned and she put an internal monitor in. See, our Ginny wasn’t moving down and we’d lost her heart beat. Things changed quickly. Our doctor remained calm,  and explained that there was no time to wait, we would lose the baby if she didn’t get in there and remove her fast.

Within 1 minute, everything was ready and the anesthesiologist was apologizing, saying she was trying to push enough drugs to make up for the fact that the epidural wasn’t functioning. Soon, from what I understand, the baby was out and I was hemorrhaging, our natural delivery turned into a medical emergency where both of our lives were at risk. I was put under and John and the babies were sent to recovery.

It would be a few hours before I was sent down to join them and before I would be able to see the babies. Obviously this time flew by for me, but John took care of skin to skin and made sure all was well, taking all of the first pictures and spending time with our new family members!

I don’t remember my first few hours with the babies, I don’t remember our first picture or the first time I held them, but we have precious pictures to document the experiences. They were here, they were healthy and modern medicine and quick thinking and acting doctors saved us all, especially Ginny and I!

This is where the comments generally start, and where I need to share my thoughts. Generally when I’m asked how I delivered, I say one natural, one c-section, no details needed, right? The next thought I hear is almost always “I’m sorry.”

Here’s the thing. I’m not. Was my delivery ideal? Nope. Was it what I envisioned? Nope. Was it ideal to have  a regular delivery and a csection withoutpain relief at the same time? No. Do I still have nightmares and need time to process it? You bet.

But, I’m. Not. Sorry.

I’m not sorry for the way I delivered my babies or the way my daughter entered this world. I don’t feel bad about it or feel regret. I don’t resent the doctors who made the best choices they could to ensure the health of my family.

I don’t understand those that compare their experiences to something horrible. I don’t understand how a wish for a natural birth could trump the desire for a safe one.

This story is something I will share with Ginny when she asks some day, with pride because you know what? It’s her story! It’s how she chose to get here. It’s unique and it’s hers and she’ll be able to understand it because all potential consequences of waiting were avoided. She could have suffered and she did not. She’s healthy and my hope is that she’ll be happy (so far, we are doing pretty well in that department!).

I understand that doctors make decisions we don’t always agree with, and that sometimes there may be other motives at play. But, in our case, there were not. The best decisions were made from the start of the day until the babies arrived.

So, no, let me reiterate…I am not sorry. I am grateful. I’m grateful for modern medicine. I’m grateful for a doctor that let my husband stay in the room to witness our daughter’s birth and to pray over everything that was happening, even in the midst of chaos. I’m grateful that I get to hold my healthy babies each day.

This story brought them to us, it’s a part of our family now and I choose to see it as a happy one. How can I be sorry for that?




4 thoughts on “I’m Not Sorry

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  1. I don’t know you, but I think you are a rock star for not only carrying two babies in your belly, but delivering them as well. Who cares how they came into this world?! I hope you recovered well from a natural delivery AND a C-section (I can’t imagine recovering from both at the same time!!), and you are enjoying every sleepless minute with your babies! 😊
    I will never understand this C-section shaming thing. I’m sorry you or anyone has to deal with that!

  2. You are a mighty strong person Laura! I love the story of how the twins came into the world. It is their story and they will love to hear about it someday. It is an amazing and magical one. Full of miricales! ❤️👫👬👫 luv you all family of 6!!

  3. This is their story of how they came into the world and it is magical!! Laura you are full of life and full of goals! I love your families story! ❤️👫👬👫 family of 6!

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