Breakaway Boot Camp: Make it Happen at Home

breakaway boot campFollowing in my theme of finding ways to fit fitness in regardless of your schedule or location, I have an exciting program to share with you!

Here’s the thing. I know what it’s like to search online for workouts, hoping that you’re doing them correctly or that you’ll see the results you’re hoping for. I know what it’s like to peruse online videos day after day or to fall into a workout routine just because you’re comfortable or don’t know where else to start. I also know what it’s like to hear about awesome workout programs only to find out that they’ll break the bank (while the $300-500 programs may promise results and have impressive testimonials, that’s an awfully big gamble only to find out it’s not the right workout for you).

What if there was a program that didn’t require going through a salesperson, or coach, and that took care of the whole picture – nutrition, workouts that vary, etc. – and that could take place on your own time, at your own home, with no added equipment? I’d say that’d be a win, and that’s what I’ve been looking for.

This made me really excited to check out Girls Gone Sporty’s Breakaway Bootcamp. I heard about the program because I’ve been a Girls Gone Sporty ambassador for the past year. I believe in what they stand for: empowering women at all stages of fitness to find ways to become stronger, healthier and happier. What’s better than that?

The Breakaway Bootcamp allows women to start at every time and to break free of mental and physical limitations that have held them back. One purchase allows lifetime access to the 4-week program, that can be repeated at any time. It’s a total body program that inspires confidence and mental clarity without focusing solely on the number on the scale. It can be modified to meet all levels of fitness: beginners, intermediate and advanced. If you’re ready to rock this year, consider looking into it.

The program includes the three versions listed above by skill level along with:

  • a full 4-week program complete and an e-book.
  • 20 workouts for each skill level.
  • 12 full-length workout videos to follow along at home and complete at any time.
  • weekly blog posts meant to provide motivation.
  • a 3-day food assessment complete with personalized feedback and nutrition suggestions to making real changes.
  • access to 24-7 feedback, advice and modifications based on personal questions and concerns.

While equipment is not necessary, basic dumbbells and a yoga mat are helpful.

All of this – remember, lifetime access from anywhere – for $100. To me, that’s a worthwhile investment. What do you think? Ready to make a change? Sign up today!

Want to preview the program to see if it’s right for you? Go for it!


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