The Importance of Form

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After a few experiences this weekend, I wanted to step back from the standard workout posts and to make a brief note about form.

Here’s the thing: the Internet is FILLED with great workout ideas. Especially with the rise of social sharing, Pinterest especially. On any given day, it’s easy to log onto a computer and to find something to do to stay active. This goes for anyone. Past this point though, there should be a few differences.

Squat challenges, 6-pack workouts, plank challenges, 5k workouts and more have become super popular lately. It makes sense; it’s a great feeling to push your body to your limits and to see the results that come with that pushing. But, I think sometimes we become a little too ambitious.

Here’s the thing to remember: Just because a workout is posted online that’s meant for “everyone” doesn’t mean it’s meant for you.

If you are coming from a sedentary lifestyle, running treadmill intervals at 10mph probably won’t lead anywhere good. Likewise, doing 50 reps of anything might be a little bit – or a lot of bit – of a stretch. We’re all different. Each fitness journey has a different desired outcome and a different purpose. We’re all in it for our own reasons.

Let me step back: I’m not bashing online workouts. I love them. I post them from time to time and I love to go out and find things that would mix up my routine a bit. However, they aren’t the be all end all, and they probably shouldn’t be your starting point.

If you’re truly interested in getting in shape this year and seeing real results, there are a couple steps you should take.

First – Check with a doctor, especially if you haven’t been there for awhile. Be honest about where you’re starting from and what you’re hoping to accomplish…get the sign off before you lift your first weight or jump into a plank challenge.

Second- Find a reasonable starting point. Look for beginner workouts, ask someone who’s a professional in the industry. Find out exactly where you at and where you should be starting.

Then- Find a pro. Whether you belong to or are looking at joining a gym, or have a personal trainer or friend who has experience as a trainer, you need a resource. Ask questions about the workouts you’re looking at. Ask if you can demonstrate the moves you’ve found and make sure your form is solid. When your form is off, you could end up doing more harm than good or causing a permanent injury, this is the worst setback possible; avoid it at all costs.

Moving forward- Once you’ve become more comfortable with different exercises, keep learning. The Internet is full of videos that have tutorials on how to do certain exercises. Pay attention to them. Do workouts in front of mirrors until you’re comfortable with new moves to be sure you’re doing the right thing. When you have questions, ask someone.

Form matters, it’s what separates individuals who see results from fitness from those that don’t. It’s a critical part of keeping your fitness journey moving forward in a safe and healthy matter. By all means, go out there and find some great online workouts, but, make sure that the workout is right for you and that your form is proper. This is absolutely critical.



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  1. This is why I love taking live yoga classes. I love my home practice, too, but it’s not the same as getting form instruction from an experienced teacher. I’ve gotten so much stronger because I’m not compensating incorrectly.

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