Kids Can be a Part of Fitness Fun Too!

FighterMoms are busy people. From making sure their jobs are done if they work outside of the home to ensuring the house is running smoothly, the family is happy, healthy and fed and spending time with everyone, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or to feel like you’re just not sure of how to fit anything else in. Usually fitness comes in somewhere at the bottom of this list.

I get it. Prior to our move, my kids were in daycare part time and near family the rest of the time. When I needed a workout, I scheduled it around the times that someone else could watch them. The thought of integrating it all together? Nope, I didn’t think it was possible.

Then we moved. We decided to keep the kids at home for a little while with no family nearby. We had no idea what would happen. This is when I started to look for other options. We invested in gym equipment for the home – which was a great start and can be done on a relatively low budget with monthly payment plans, providing your commitment to using that equipment is strong.

I also discovered the world of at-home workouts on networks like Amazon Prime and Netflix and even better, on Pinterest. There are so many ways to stay fit without the equipment, fitness instructors and memberships. I also met women who are trying to figure it all out too. Something we’ve learned? The kids don’t have to be an obstacle to fitness. With the tools that are available, working out doesn’t even have to be a “naptime” activity. It can all be integrated…here’s how.

1. Let your excitement show.

If your kids see that you’re excited to workout, they’ll pick up on it and likely want to know more, watch or even participate! Talk about what you’re going to be doing and tell them why – as much as you can for their age level. The important thing is that they’ll learn that fitness is part of what should happen on a regular basis, that it’s fun and that you do it to stay healthy. Simple and fun.

2. Get them in on the Process.

Your toddlers may not have burpee potential or the ability to crank out pushups, but they can still play a role! Let them count what you’re doing, watch the clock for you and shout encouragement. Chances are you’ll be distracted enough to enjoy your workout a little more and the kids will feel like they’re helping you.

3. Give them a Distraction.

If you have a 30 or 60 minute workout plan, you can’t expect the counting and encouraging to last throughout the entire process. Give them a distraction. Set up a healthy snack station, bring in a few toys that they haven’t seen in awhile or allow them to work on a craft within eyesight.

4. Take it Outside.

We all need a little Vitamin D. If you’ve got a yard that’s suitable or a nearby playground, bring the kids with you. Do your workout while they play. They’ll love to have some fun and will expend some energy while you do your thing.

5. Find a Group.

You’re not the only mom looking for a way to stay fit. Find a group of women or a friend or two. Make a commitment to workout at a certain time on set days and stick to it. Having a work out buddy keeps you accountable, gives your kids some extra playmates and provides an extra incentive to get out there!

Working out can be fun and encouraging for the whole family. Follow the tips above to get started!


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